#10: Rock Solid

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Real Name: Tyler Hamlin

Age: 15

Powers: Arms made of brick-like material, allowing him enhanced strength.

Character info: I was a teenager when I first got the idea to make a character named “Rock Solid”. I just had the name in my head, nothing else. About 10 years ago, I got the idea to create a superhero team and an early version of Rock Solid came to life. This version was a college student, however, and he looked more like he belonged to Marvel’s Wrecking Crew. While I had a pretty solid idea for that particular team, I scrapped the idea, but the name has always stuck with me.

When I decided to reimagine the character for this challenge, I got the idea to add him to a team of teen superheroes I created. I’ve been kicking a graphic novel idea around in my head involving this team, so I want to establish the roster. The idea for Rock Solid’s look just came to me as I drew it actually. He’s a cocky, sarcastic guy who suddenly has all this power. He’ll be a great addition to the team and he’ll really be tested when times get tough…

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