#10 – Sean Messinger

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Sean Messinger has a rare and terrifying ability – he is a pyrokinetic, born with the ability to create and control fire.

His early years with the power were difficult, and not without their tragedies. He learned to control it, however, and with that came a fierce love of order and creativity. He came to view his power not as an uncontrollable force of destruction, but an ability with the potential to create. In his free time, he makes art. He welds metal sculptures and woodburning, as well as some painting and ceramics. He sells what he makes in his online shop, which gets him a nice amount of pocket money.

During the day, he is a librarian in the historical Fairport City library. He does the varied and complex jobs that a librarian does, including taking care of special exhibitions such as the display of historical journals that are on display in the library’s exhibit hall.

When a fire breaks out in the hall, he thinks he’s the only one who can deal with it quickly. What he discovers, however, will change his life forever.

Read his story in A Reason to Burn.

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