#10 Iron-Chef

| November 10, 2011 | 4 Comments

Here is my 10th character in a series of related characters for a funny super-hero comic project I have been planning to make.

This one is IRON-CHEF:

Built by a genius billionaire with money and time to spare, Iron-Chef is an indestructible and lightning quick cuisine creating robot. Designed to be a body guard when not busy in the kitchen, he was also programmed with state-of-the-art technology and the instincts of quadruple black-belt ninja. When his careless master accidentally died in a house fire he caused with a cigar, Iron-Chef looked for a new place to protect and to serve – serve food, that is. Luckily, a super hero squad posted several needed positions including a robot, a master of martial arts, and a gourmet chef. Iron-chef’s problems were solved and he now fills a need in the community and in the bellies of his teammates.

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I am a full-time freelance cartoonist/illustrator who would love to really mean it when I say "I work for myself". In other words, I like what I do for a living, but I would love to have more time to create my own ideas and illustrate them. I'm excited to hang out here and get involved in this cool challenge.

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