#5 Shrapnel

| November 10, 2011 | 3 Comments

Art by Michael Powell (@mpowelljr)
Words by Rolando Garcia (@roshow)

Shrapnel was raised the kind of feral kid that only exists in cities or woods. His parents were homeless most of  his childhood. He ran away from foster care and lived by himself for years. He’d sleep in alleys, squat in abandoned buildings, steal food and do whatever he could to stay alive.

His peculiar talent of growing broken glass-like crystals from his skin manifested at a younger age than usual for people with metabilities. For years the timid boy only used it defensively – no one is going to harass the homeless boy spending the the night behind the dumpster if the boy is covered in broken glass. Then he met Uproar who taught him to use his powers more “proactively,” and become an effective muscle. Shrapnel took to being an enforcer like a fish to water.

Today, Shrapnel is one of the most feared men in the Ultra City underworld. He’s still the right hand man of Uproar to whom he is forever grateful for giving him direction in life. Shrapnel is also learning some new tricks, including how to project his crystals like flying shards of glass. But he’s never lost that feral instinct and if he thinks you’re a  threat, he will come at you with all he’s got and never let up.

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Category: 2011, Drama, Scifi, Superhero

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Rolando is extremely excited for 30 character. He has spent most of his time since graduating college in 2002 working the film industry. But his passion has always been storytelling and he is going back to his roots. He can't wait to see what everyone else is cooking.

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  1. This guy looks really cool! I love how well you drew the shards sticking out of him (covering him?). He has a neat power that’s not seen much, too.

    Great story, too! Excellent work, both of you!

  2. Eric White says:

    Very cool. Looks like he would fit in on a Mortal Kombat story. 🙂

    FINISH HIM!!!!!!! >>SPLAT<<

  3. Mike Powell says:

    Thanks! I came up with the idea for this character about ten years ago, and the original concept was that he could somehow attract certain particles in his environment and coalesce them into the glass-like fragments, and that they cover his body like a crust. The exact nature of his powers will be explored as he make an appearance in future issues of Revenger comics. I’m sure Rolando has something exciting brewing!

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