#7 Tuff Stuff

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She may look frail and non-threatening, but this tiny dynamo packs a wallop. The strongest member of the team, Merissa (Tuff-stuff or “Tuff” for short), possesses strength that has yet to be limit-tested. She has raised buildings, pushed locomotives, and lifted naval vessels off their moorings. She is impervious to damage of all kinds as her cells are unusually bonded to one another in a way that has mystified science. Her hair can of course not be cut, and oddly has not grown since her powers manifested themselves, (something Tuff is not a fan of). Like Mosh, Merissa first became an abuser of her powers, but her morality got the better of her and over the past year she has begun setting her past to right.

She is also fluent in French and loves her dog.

(PS – Happy Birthday Melissa!)

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