#9 Colbrah

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Age: unknown (never disclosed)
Place of Origin: Latvita
Height: 5′ 9″
Eye color: changes with the seasons

Colbrah is mysterious, but what he lacks in comunication, he shows in skill. He is an explosives expert.
This guy can fight along side Hans and Didrik, that is how he became acquainted when they were
hijacking a mercantile ship. Colbrah has a maniacal attitude when he fights and rude when he talks
to others. He loves to blow stuff up, always a plus when they are people and mermaids. He is partially
deaf because of all the explosions he has made, that is why whenever a mermaid sings he goes up to them
and hands them explosives. He likes being partially deaf because he prefers to be in silence anyways.
He likes cats, steel knifes, fire, gold knifes, cannons, anything that uses gun powder, buried treasure,
silver coins and seafood. He also likes big ships, and Zohar’s crew (although he does not like to admit it).

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