#9 Gorem Pavallion

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 In the same universe as Claudius Khrietz, being the his student briefly, he is the second in line to the throne of a race of slate grey-skinned, red-haired and shark-toothed faeries(what kind actually?..have no idea atm). As a child, Claudius was hired by his father to teach him and his older brother but they never completed their lesson, not even close, before the king banished Claudius from his land for trying to teach “weak ideals”. Resulting in Gorem only learning the first half of Claudius’ teachings. War, rage, poverty, trickery and death. The books that Claudius read to him were ingrained in his mind with no chance that Claudius would be able to read him the books that completed his lessons. Books that descibed adventures, courage, love, peace and compassion.

So, in conclusion…

he’s not so nice/


(this is late because my power went out last night and then my internet wasn’t working!! ;-; stupid storms)

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