#9 – Seer

| November 10, 2011 | 4 Comments

Sometimes I get the urge to draw something that’s not ridiculous and doesn’t have noodly limbs.

So here is the token wise person who will offer cryptic advice that makes no sense until after the fact.


Helpful, no?

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Hello! Currently I am a senior Illustration major at the Savannah College of Art and Design, with the intention of doing children's book illustration. I love drawing monsters and ridiculous creatures, but I also love doing stupidly over-detailed fantasyish characters as well! (though that's more of a personal hobby at this point). It will be interesting to see how this goes with the end of the quarter and finals coming up, but hopefully I'll be able to keep up!

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  1. Mom says:

    I likes it!!!!

  2. Nathan Seabolt says:

    Seer: “You must master your fear..or your fear will be your Master.”
    Me: “Um..thanks. But wasn’t that from a movie, or several movies?”
    Seer: “You must live in your own story..or be just a character in someone else’s.”
    Me: “Huh? What does that mean?”
    Seer: “Meaning is only the essence of a thing, not the existence of it.”
    Me: “Okay, I think you’re making this up now..and where’s my wallet?”
    Seer: “You must free yourself from your possessions, or they will possess you.”
    Me: “Come back here with that!”

    Sorry for the rant, I was inspired by your entry-which is cool!

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