Day 5 – Faumast

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Faumast is a mid-level demon, a basic humanoid form, with a number of differences. He has a hunched back, and his face is elongated and narrow-chinned. His wrists bend back in towards his forearms, constantly cutting at his veins with talon-like nails. His powerful legs are short, with a single bony protrusion from his left knee.

He wants to be more powerful. He has, throughout the ages, gathered a smattering of backing from lesser and same-level demons, and has grown to crave more. He has sown deceit and ill-feeling whilst continuing his power-collation. And now he’s using the confusion and rumours to try and grasp more, in a bid to gain more backing so as to form a coup on the throne of Hell.

If he doesn’t get enough backing, any attempted coup would be easily defeated, and he would be sent back down the levels of hell, becoming a subservient of those whom he has tricked, cheated, and angered. Faumast does not want this, and will battle tooth and nail, metaphorically as he would prefer to not to dirty his talons, to remain in his current standing if he cannot go further.

The on-going rumours of the second coming have set waves of fear and hope about the dwellers of Hades. Faumast believes that this offers him an ideal opportunity to get closer to Lucifer and cement his position as a true power in Hell.

Getting what you want is never easy though, especially in a society that loathes and distrusts you in equal measures. And mix that in with the highly powerful, dangerous and charismatic beings that stand in your way, and you better have some pretty strong followers, both philosophically and physically. Faumast may not be there yet, but maybe soon, and then we’ll see.

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