Day 6 – Rezoniel

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Rezoniel is an angel of the Heavenly Host. Beautiful and awe-inspiring to look at, his long hair flows down his back and his 4 wings are broad in span. He works around the Silver City aiding his brothers in whichever ways he can. He is smaller and leaner in stature than many of his brethren, but is able to hold his own where it matters.

Rezoniel only has one want in his existence other than to continue his service to the Lord, and that is to ensure that his good friend Malachy is returned to the Silver City in good health and faith. To this end, he has been working in secret to assist Malachy in his quest for knowledge, by passing him information from the vast library held within the Silver City.

Rezoniel knows that what he is doing is rife with danger; if the Seraphim were to find out what he is doing then there would be a very real risk of him being expelled from the Holy City; and if the daemons found out there is an information source coming out of Heaven then attempts may be made to infiltrate it.

Rezoniel believes that Malachy would be a strong asset in the defence of good, and does not like seeing his friends head turned. He believes that for Heaven to be as strong as it can be, and offer itself as the beacon of light and hope that it should be, all angels should be standing together as one, and he’s now seeking to end the in-fighting between choirs.

For all his abilities, Rezoniel always errs on the side of caution, to the point where he will often pull completely away from a course of action because it does not feel right. Some see this as a form of weakness in his character, and seek to take advantage of it. This causes him to be more cautious and insular, often keeping masses of information to himself.

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