Meldsen, Tech Master from My Novel “Mentor”.

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2011 Day 09 Tech Master Meldsen from my Novel "Mentor"


Meldsen is the Tech Master for Upper City in my novel “Mentor”. He plays a key role in that he is Phipp’s immediate superior, and that he alone is responsible for the smooth functioning of everything that makes  Upper City the sparkling vivaceous, comfortable and above all safe home of its human citizens. He’s even been know to go out of his way to repair areas of the City that are populated mostly by Nons and Synths.

He’s a gruff, no-nonsense old guy who still has a few tricks up his sleeve and he sees some things that others might not like to know he sees. But he also knows how to keep his mouth shut.

He dislikes the finery and pageantry  that people and the media and corporations keep trying to foist on him. He’s a plain man. He wears the robes when he has to, and weilds his magic when he must or when he has a point to make. But mostly, he and his boys wander in the Labyrinth that is the maze of tech tunnels all woven around and through the MAICS (the Master Artificial Intelligence Computer System) and the City itself.

Without his guidance, and the help of his heirarchy of apprentices there would be no more holos, replicators, food, clothing, and worst of all no more Grid. So when he begins to find anomalies in the MAICS code, and weapon grade lasers substituted for harmless pencil lasers in an exercise droid, he begins to count his assets, among them Phipp (see #8- previous sketch and writeup), and a handful of Synth engineers under his tutelage. Perhaps together they can cross the heaving social bounds and prevent catastrophe.


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  1. roshow says:

    Awesome! The colors add an awesome finishing touch.

  2. Malveka says:

    Now that’s a cool-looking dude. Awesome “do” he’s sporting. 8^)

    I really like the way this piece expresses the personality of the character. Clearly he knows a lot more than he’s telling, and he appears confident, perhaps even slightly smug, about his position in the scheme of things. There might even be a hint of mischief twinkling in those knowing eyes. I look forward to seeing more of this one when the novel is written!

    • Jande Rowe says:

      Yeah that old Duck-tail look goes round and round through the ages. lol

      Right on again Mal. I didn’t mean to make him look smug, though I suppose he has much to be smug about.

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