Minerva Martenskin

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MinervaMinerva is a runaway. After her mother died, Minerva’s father remarried almost immediately. Minerva’s step mother was verbally and emotionally abusive. The only solace she had was when she helped out an old colleague of her mothers by cleaning his lab. Dr. Herkema, who took a shining to her, gave her a hand knit scarf the night before he was murdered in his lab. He also gave Minerva the control for an ancient giant machine. Minerva was the only witness to the murder, she also was the one who killed the assailant (Though she doesn’t know how). Now she’s on the run, from her family, from the government, and from a multitude of organizations who want control over “the machine”. But what is it?

Category: Drama, Scifi

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Self Employed cartoonist currently in Fort Wayne Indy. BFA Aquinas College 2000, post college, Metal smithing: Oxbow 97, Animation: Oxbow 2000, Kalamazoo Institute of Arts: Ceramics 04-05.

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