Number 6: Carn Darrak

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Full name: Carn Darrak
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: The Firesons
Height: 5’4”
Abilities: Like all Firesons, Carn has the ability to conjure fire, which can be conjured anywhere there is oxygen. While some firesons tap into this power to become flamethrowers, Carn’s ability manifests in the form of two swords made of pure fire The heat from the fire is harmless to the wielder, however it can still cut the wielder if he/she isn’t careful. Firesons are also vulnerable to Skysons.

Appearance: Monk styled robes, ruffled black hair, thin/lean body
Bio: Carn was given up at an early age to study with the monks of the south plains. Here, we was trained to call upon his ancestry to conjure fire and use it as a weapon.

Under the monks’ tutelage, Carn learned the history of his world, which was brought out of darkness by the gods of fire, water, earth, and air, who lent their powers to the world’s inhabitants in exchange for servitude. Through his lessons, Carn came to dislike the gods for their various unsavory acts on their subjects over the years. This led him deep into the secrets of the monastery library to find the legends of The Dark King who rebelled against the gods using his ability to conjure shadow powers.

After reading about the rebellion, Carn knew he had to find the remnants of it and fight to free his world from the crushing feet of the gods. So, he fled in the night from the protection of the monks and out into a world he had never known to save his people, and maybe even the world.

Notes: Carn is just one of the characters from this continuity, his story will be a hero’s journey filled with trials, companions, and plot twists.

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