Renala of Upper City from My Novel “Mentor”

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2011 Day 10 Renala of Upper City from My Novel "Mentor"

Renala loves to dance.

Renala seems like a vague kind of person. The kind that sees all but wishes she didn’t and who emotionally sweeps things under the rug that she doesn’t want to deal with. She is thin and pale, her eyes are a very pale watery blue. She has almost a ghost like quality that makes people uncomfortable around her. She is apologetic to a fault, if that is at all possible, and she tends to move quietly often inadvertently sneaking up on people and startling them.

But she has a passion for literature, history, and the latest fashions (even if they don’t suit her very well). she tries to instill in her dead sister’s child a sense of propriety and the position of her father the Governor, but the girl goes her own way. Renala wants to control everything in her life so that it can’t hurt anyone.She feels safer knowing that MAICS and the Grid are always watching to ensure everyone’s safety.

The only time Renala loses her inhibitions a little is when she dances. She loves music that makes her body move and she loses some of her self-consciousness and her timidity.

She is so far the opposite of her more vivacious and outgoing sister that people often make jokes that they were actually cousins. Only in that context “cousins” can often mean “someone mated with a lesser being –probably a Synth”, and would be accompanied by a snicker.  Renala is not unaware of these snide put-downs of her mother by the petty snobs of society. And sometimes a hint of a more complex Renala surfaces.


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  1. ambrozya says:

    Interesting! The fluidity of the lines makes me feel her dance. She looks very sensuous. 😉

  2. Malveka says:

    Wow, another intriguing character and a great sketch. You’ve really captured that ghostly, washed-out look very well. I like the amount of subtle detail you’re including in all these character sketches. It’s just the right amount. Sufficient to give the character a distinctive look, but not so much as to overwhelm their clean lines. I’m also quite enjoying the tonal effects you’re using. They serve to give the pieces a kind of continuity to each other, while at the same time lending a unique and pleasing feel to the collection as a whole.

    I have a feeling that Renala is in for a difficult period ahead. A desire to keep everything under control and everyone safe does not lead to much happiness in the best of times. Somehow I suspect that the immediated future will not be the “best of times” in Renala’s opinion.

    • Jande Rowe says:

      Thank you again, Mal. For some reason I had a heck of a time getting her hands right. The hands needed to have the feel of animation and fingers dancing. I think I spent two hours getting them close to what I wanted.

      Renala tends to make things around her a little more difficult than they need to be. Fortunately, she is loved by her immediate family and that goes a long way to keep her from going to too far an extreme.

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