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#11 Shiba

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This is my mother’s dog and she’s the most awful dog and I hate her so much. She’s old and dumb and is totally a twofaced bitch, being all happy and loving when she’s not with my mom and then completely ignoring me when she’s with my mom. Terrible.

#9 Siri

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Siri is MY little kitty! My little sister wanted a cat and got one and then got bored with it so I had to take care of it and now we are inseparably bonded, I love her so much! Anyway, personality whise she’s curious and fearless, she laughs in the face of death the vacuum cleaner. I have never seen a cat walk into the shower when I’m using it. She has a fractured and healed tail, probably from getting stuck in a door when she was a little kitten. She loves to bother you and play, especially flopping down on my tablet while I’m drawing and not paying attention to her. What a brat!!

She seems like a cat that would wear colourful clothing and tigh since she likes squeezing into whatever hole she can find, can’t do that with any baggy cloth around her.

#8 Oskar

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I decided to draw semihuman versions of some pets!

This is Oskar, 8 years old. An old scrapper who’s retired now, a outside cat turned inside cat. He seems ok with it though, sometimes he chills on the balcony. He’s a super grump and will grumble and moan everytime Siri, the next character I’ll post, bothers him too much.

#11 Moorlein

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Moorelin does magic and stuff. He also wrote some of my favorite comic books.

Day 11 – Mii

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Rushed character is rushed.

Day 11: Lolli “Babydoll”

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 This character after growing up in a rough life and witnessing a lot of abuse around her decided to become a vigilante of sorts. She blends in to the street scene and acts as a naive or otherwise helpless victim while keeping an eye on her neighborhood. She is a lot more capable than she looks and is a skilled fighter and assassin if need be.


Tribal Mother/Seer from My Novel “Mentor”

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2011 Day 11 Tribal Mother/Seer of Under City from my Novel "Mentor"
Sorry, unnamed at this time, but is usually referred to as The Mother, or The Seer.

Metaphysical secrets passed down from one Tribal Mother/Seer to another, each generation adding to the store of lore and insight precious to the tribe. Held in great esteem, and with good reason, the Tribe does all it can to protect and nurture its Seer and her protege. Her legs have all but given out on her due to an attack as a child by one of the many savage beasts that hunt the Under City’s shadows.

The current Seer in Under City has not yet chosen a replacement. Some say because no one is worthy. Others that she desires to have Marnal (see 2011 Day 01 Marnal) as her protege, but Marnal pursues other interests. But The Mother is getting old. Very old and the people are concerned that she may leave them without a properly trained Seer. No one knows the will of a Seer of course until she makes it known, and she does have someone in mind. A least expected someone.

#11 Lao Shiung

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Lao Shiung

Age: Unknown (does not disclose)
Place of origin: Continent of Kanihc
Eye color: Brown

Lao is a highly temperamental gentleman burning for fighting, looting, and drinking.
Lao hates the empire, which is the only reason why he joined Zohars crew.

#11 The Fungal Avenger

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The Fungal Avenger is an unusual Legend of Meridian 59. It’s said that Shallille took pity on the Fungus Beasts ruthlessly slaughtered on the beaches of the great oceans and created the Fungal Avenger. He appears when Fungus Beasts are slaughtered in large numbers and exacts his own retribution against these “evil doers”

#11 Talidirian

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Another Warcraft-based character, bear with us.

Tali is a goofy young night elf who ran away from his country town not out of rebellion, but for ADVENTURE. Major case of big fish in a little pond syndrome, as it takes a much more experienced adventurer to teach him how to live out on his own

#10 The Nega-Dalmation

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The Nega-Dalmatian does exactly the opposite of what a traditional Dalmatian is purported to do… The Nega-Dalmatian impedes firemen, he may even start fires… he is not helpful.


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A new technology breakthrough, Synthezon can turn itself, and any material around it into whatever is required. Programmed with the entire periodic table of elements and a couple of unknown ones that the Strides managed to figure out enough about that Synthezon might give them an idea of what they do. Synthezon was the last commercial product made by the Strides, though the commercial version is programed with many safeguards to prevent the dangers contained within it’s limitless possibilities.

Sketch for this done, but without scanner or camera. Wanted to get concept down though.

#11: The Red Lion

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(I’m finished with super heroes. Time to move on to fantasy.)

Hailing from the Garden of Reegus, a beautiful forest known for its scouts and the locals general bellicose attitude, the Red Lion earned his name in combat.  In Reegus, names are shed and replaced as marks of honor or disgrace, and the Red Lion changed his to this after his heroism in the battle of Kithli Forest.

Lions are not native to Reegus, but they do roam Avalia, Reegus’ neighbor and long-time foe. Tau of Overseem  was commended for his strategy of unleashing a group of Avalian lions, under the command of Reegusian priests, on the back flank of the Avalian force. This caused chaos to overtake the Avalian archers, allowing Reegus to surround and rout their foes.

For this strategy, the warrior known as Tau of Overseam was given the name The Red Lion to forever immortalize his actions.

When The Red Lion grew tired of his service, he returned to his home and raising a family while serving as the head of his village’s defensive force. As Reegus’ tensions with their ally Whitesky mount, The Red Lion was personally asked by Reegus’ chief diplomat to Whitesky, Xolani, to accompany him as a bodyguard.

Personality: The Red Lion is, as his name suggests, fearless and ruthless. Age has slowed his reflexes but not his mind, and he is a master strategist with decades of experience backing his attacks. He is a true patriot, willing to kill, torture, or maim anyone in Whitesky if it means the advancement of The Garden’s causes.

Despite his advancing age, he is a hothead when angered. His temper is legendary, and one of Xolani’s main duties is to keep him from challenging the offensive party to single combat.

#11 – Evelyn

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wow, a pretty uneventful draw for a pretty eventful day…!!! (AND TALK ABOUT A TERRIBLE CHOICE OF NAMES!!!! WOW DEE!!!)

So yeah, this is Evelyn, she doens’t have a story yet??? hmm

Anyways, happy 11/11/11!!!!!!

#11 – Slott

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#11 Dawn Shryer

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All across the Realm, the name Dawn Shryer is well-known.  She’s a former soldier, a mercenary, a top-notch fighter, and now a “troubleshooter for hire” who carries out assignments for the various guilds and also for clients both rich and poor.  She leads a team with two teammates  (Chessie Ilvanis and Aaron Falkirk) who get the job done, no matter how difficult the circumstances.

Oh, and she’s also one hundred and three years old.

Around eighty years ago, while fighting in the Garcen Wars, Dawn saved the life of an old woman who turned out to be a powerful sorceress.  The grateful woman gave Dawn a gift–she would age one year for every twenty years.  Basically, by the time Dawn turned (chronologically) forty-four years old, she would look and physically be twenty-four years old (so now she looks twenty-seven).  Also, while she can be injured, she heals rapidly; also, poisons–both liquid and gas– have no effect on her.

Sounds great, right?  Well…it isn’t all that good.  Dawn has had to watch friends, family and lovers age and die; she also has to see her four children, ten grandchildren, and twelve great-grandchildren age as well.  She never married the father of her children, but she did live with him for thirty years until his death.  Even though she travels around the Realm, Dawn still goes back to visit her family and stays in contact with them on a regular basis.  In fact, while she has lead her team for the past seven years,  it’s actually the tenth team she’s lead.

While carrying out an assignment near the town of Drannin, Dawn and her teammates met the Investigator team of Elgren Fenris and Gillian Rohcha.  The two teams joined forces to investigate the ancient ruins near the town, and afterwards, all five agreed to stay together and tackle any new adventures they find.

‘Ol Coyote Ooglee

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Wild man of the desert

Master of explosives and stankiness!


Here we have Ol Coyote, the desert ghost.  Left for dead by the economic system of the veldt, the Ol Coyote has gone to be alone with his thoughts in the dry harsh outer reaches.

“They said to me, they said, Coyote, you got to stop chasing so much skirt and so many attempts at being happy.  Go away.”

So Mr. Ooglee disappeared from the world.

“If’n any folk come round here, I gonna stop them.  Now I’m as happy as a roadrunner on speed.”

#11 – Baulderackt

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I was going to color this…and then my cintiq decided to mess up all my colors and make it look horrible….bleh….I need to figure out how to fix that.

This is Baulderackt, a fire demon. His heart is actually a piece of molten lava rock. He eats humans for snacks and has his shrine maiden capture them for him (who is seen at the bottom right of the picture, just for size comparison). His hair is like a lion’s mane but made of fire. He’s an all round pretty nasty guy…

#11 Worley McCharles

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#11 Worley McCharles

#10 Chessie Ilvanis

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Yes, Chessie Ilvanis is a woman–who has cat ears, a tail, and beautiful, yellow-brown eyes.  She’s also a crack shot with her pistol, and she can put up a fight that can intimidate even the toughest big brawlers.

She was born in the village of Yarius but left to study in the capital city of Traeger, where she met Dawn Shryer.  The two became fast friends and later became a team of troubleshooters-for-hire.  When they met Aaron Falkirk, who was at the beginning of his “reformed” stage, the duo became a trio.

Chessie did not like Aaron at first–in fact, their relationship was rather testy, but after Aaron saved her life in the ruins near the town of Drannin, Chessie realized that she did have very strong feelings for him–and she expressed her thanks verbally and….physically.

Chessie is thrilled by the team-up with Elgren Fenris and Gillian Rohcha.  The team of three is now a team of five, ready to face any new adventures that come their way.

Thrashy Leonardo

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Reckless Junk Biker

Daring and alluring dirt punk.


Leonardo is the most dangerous man on two wheels in America, at least to himself.  Raised in the third most watched trick bike family as rated by TBS, “Thrashy” has become an international legend.

“Those bastards tried to hold me back, ya see, but they can’t stop ME jumping hogs!”

Leaving the safety of the family bike derby atmosphere, Thrashy has gone on the become a one man act.  Averaging less than three wrecks a day now has become Leo’s claim to fame.

“Like, so, I just took that thing, and jumped over that thing over there.  Have you ever seen anything like it?  Erp… uh, I’m gonna go lay down for a minute.”

#11: Leshy

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A forest spirit who wants more than anything to be raised as a human child.

#11 Maxwell Higashi

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Name: Maxwell Higashi

Age: 20

Hometown: Thales, New York

Current Location: Parsons University; Swansea, New York

Occupation: Student (Undergraduate – Electrical Engineering); part-time stork clerk

Biography: Maxwell had a happy childhood. He lived in a suburb and lived in the same house for the first eighteen years of his life. He was hassled a bit for his mixed heritage, but aside from them his community and peers were very accepting. He isn’t overly aggressive, which is part of the reason why he didn’t graduate at the top of his class. His grades were always well above average, though. There was one moment when everyone was really afraid for him during the first year of high school when he seemed like he was scared of his own shadow and one step away from having a complete breakdown. He’s better now. Honestly. Really, Mom, I’m fine.

It was because of the aforementioned near breakdown that everyone was surprised when he decided to go to a school in Upstate New York. Thales is in the South-Western part of the state, whereas Swansea is pretty much Quebec. Or Vermont. Nevertheless, he won that argument with his parents, counsellor, and friends. He just needed out of Suburbia, and Middle-of-Nowhere-Almost-Canada, NY seemed to be the right place to go. So with more than a little worry on everyone’s part, he packed up his clothes and other apparent essentials for college dorm life and hit the road. He tried to bring as little as possible with him, but he still spent over 8 hours squished in the back seat with a ton of crap he didn’t know he needed.

OK, so all this background is boring. Let’s get to the fun stuff.

His dad’s a third-generation Japanese-American, so he doesn’t know Japanese, thank you very much. His mom is sixth generation English and Scottish, fifth-generation French and Irish, and who-knowsth-generation Polish. No one really knows when that got in the gene pool, but it’s there and isn’t leaving. But that’s not the interesting bit. The interesting bit is where she’s from.

Bramley, Illinois.

Where’s that? Never heard of it? I wouldn’t expect you to, since it’s a modern day ghost town now. Sure you might hear about it in history class, but who learns anything in that?

Bramley was a suburban town on the outskirts of Chicago. One of those commuter towns where people just kind of existed. It had some stuff, apparently. A movie theater, strip mall, Chinese restaurant run by Vietnamese people, and houses. Lots of houses. Then one day, Typical Town America exploded.

Not giant fireballs engulfing the town and ash clouds blocking out the sun. A fire started in one of the homes and exploded before it could be put out. A gas leak or something, is what most people were told. No, it wasn’t the fire that was the problem.

It was the gas.

No one knows what the gas was or what it was even doing in that house, and it broke down into harmless, untraceable elements before anyone official or unofficial could look at it. Hell, people only found out years later that it was mutagenic.

Correction: only a small handful of people found it was that. It’ll probably be another generation before the cat’s out of the bag and a bunch of kids start shooting fire from their eyes when they hit puberty (as if it wasn’t tough enough already).

Maxwell isolated no matter where he is, if he’s in Swansea or Thales,  because he’s a part of the first generation.

The first generation of kids to be born with extraordinary powers.

Freshman year sucked.

He’s better now. He’s figured out this weird electrical thing he can do as if he’s the freaking Energizer Bunny. He figures that he might be able to fly if he got it right, but at the moment he’s settled for climbing up walls like Spiderman. He doesn’t exactly shoot thunder from his fingertips, but subtly is so underrated. Why make a big light show of things when you can make them electrocute themselves?

A superhero name, you ask? Hell no. That’s just asking for trouble. Let him graduate first before that happens.

And put that spandex away.

#5 Paper Bag Woman

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Her identity as yet remains a mystery.

Day 11: Miranda

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Character #11, Miranda. No last name, just like Thoreau, because she’s a “stock demon”. Miranda just kind of picked her name, it has no significance whatsoever. Stock demons are lowly and just stick around to cause trouble, but not to a considerably dangerous level.

Miranda is actually a “double stock demon”. Her soul is connected to another stock demon, and they both think in the same manner. The other, who will be drawn tomorrow, is weaker and can sometimes be controlled by Miranda.

The trouble Miranda causes is basically her own survival. How? Once a night, she pulls some random human off the city streets and eats them. Fortunately for her, it hasn’t been too noticeable by the news yet, but still she fears of being found out.

The human form is a ruse, her demonic form is her true form, which looks like an oversized hound.

For her other half, Miraka, refer to here:

Day 11- Marikutonaam

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A forgotten god. Marikutonaam was too bright to be seen, he burned the eyes of both God and man alike, so he pulled the night sky and stitched it together. But since he’s not a very good tailor he still shines through. He’s not the most talked about god, but when he appears he gives advice, it’s not always clear, but it is always helpful, if it is listened to.  His mask has been known to change though he always wears the stars.

#11 Krystal Mars – Murderer

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#11 Krystal Mars - Murderer












Special Envoy Dekantur

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World Traveling Master Diplomat

World Traveling Master Diplomat


Dekanur Obsopofolis is the foremost peace making diplomat in the known planetary system.

“What people need to know is that really, when it comes down to it, everybody simply wants to be left alone.  The wars, the graft, that only comes with a system of management with too much power.”

People don’t want to go to war, Dekantur says, except in defense.  Only leaders want to go to war.  The people just want to be able to defend themselves.

“They just want to be able to live, so when I help reduce the power of governmental oversight in the cosmos, and the leaders are content to live within their means, than there is a peace which comes out from that and covers the hearts of men.”

#10 Evergreen corp: #17

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So they say that the world revolves around the seasons…winter comes and all greenery goes…but to where? Sure they want you to think it merely dies and grows back the following spring…but the truth lie behinds the Evergreen corp:  An organized group of dwarfs living underground, managing our greenery and hold yearly marathons to migrate away our foliage in the late hours of our first winter nights. # 17 is the oldest marathon runner: at 300 years old, hes the prized runner of the four leaf-clover..and hes still the quickest and best at finding the most secluded and secretive spots.   Fauja Singh has nothing on this little guy.

#11: Fire Dead

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Fire Dead is the enemy of my other character, Fire Heat. They both have fire powers, but this one uses his power for evil.

Thanks, Xavier

#9- That Kid

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There’s always one troublemaker causing havoc in class.