10 – The Wooden Wizard

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… continued from Character #9, SPUNGE! …

…the arboreal enchantments of the WOODEN WIZARD!

Environmentalist Everett Green was staging another one of his internet-famous logging protests when he began to cough up a shimmering golden mist.  This distraction allowed the authorities, whom Green was in a stand off with, to move in and subdue the aggressive protester.  In the squad car, Green began to convulse and change.  His arms and lower legs became tree-like to the point that his elongated fingers sprouted a few leaves and his skin took on a bark-like texture.  This transformation increased Green’s strength allowing him to tear the door off of the imprisoning police cruiser.

The wooded Green then began a rampage against the police, loggers and media present; ranting his extreme environmental mantras over and over.  Nearly taken down by a brave logger in a front loader, Green instinctively rooted his trunk-like legs into the ground and through extraordinary means animated the nearby trees to come to his aid.  This extremely surreal turn of events resulted in all present running for safety and allowed Green to focus on his new found power.

Turning his attention from the recent events and to the city skyline in the distance, Green amassed a gigantic army of trees, all under his direct control, and marched on his hated enemy, civilization and its voracious consumer population.  The attack on the city immediately drew the attention of the Five Points of Freedom.  While the Gold Gladiator, Ms. Mercury and the Enforcer fought back the mobilized forest, the Azure Aviator and War-Dove took to the skies to find the driving force of the arboreal onslaught.  Impeded by a pair of surly redwoods the aerial avengers were thwarted in their attempt to capture the super villain who escaped back into the wilderness where he remains at large.  That rustle you hear in the trees is not always the wind.

The rise of empowered villains has been met by the Five Points, but this shift in focus to the fantastic has left a void in their previous crusade against less bizarre street-level crime.  This void has been filled with individuals like…

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