#10 Axefist

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So I wanted to take a small break from my anthropomorphic characters I’ve been doing lately and change it up. This scary gentleman here is Axefist. His name is pretty self explanatory. Axefist is a former AX-Man who lost his hand in a tragic tree cutting accident and was left in the woods for dead. Axefist survived his wounds and vowed to never cut another tree again. So why the axe for a hand? Axefist also vowed that day to protect Blackwood Forest from anyone who isn’t him. He basically kills anyone who steps foot in his forest just as Jason Voorhies murders anyone who sets foot in Camp Crystal Lake. Many believe Axefist to be a myth–an urban legend– a story you tell around a campfire but those for foolish enough to enter the Blackwood never ever leave.

Oh and p.s. don’t make fun of the fuzzy poof ball on his hat. He really doesn’t like that.


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