#10 Evergreen corp: #17

| November 11, 2011 | 3 Comments

So they say that the world revolves around the seasons…winter comes and all greenery goes…but to where? Sure they want you to think it merely dies and grows back the following spring…but the truth lie behinds the Evergreen corp:  An organized group of dwarfs living underground, managing our greenery and hold yearly marathons to migrate away our foliage in the late hours of our first winter nights. # 17 is the oldest marathon runner: at 300 years old, hes the prized runner of the four leaf-clover..and hes still the quickest and best at finding the most secluded and secretive spots.   Fauja Singh has nothing on this little guy.

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  1. Eadge says:

    WHY HAS ANYONE COMMENTED ON THIS?!? This is awesome. I love how soft he is. I want to catch up to him and hug him but I’m not much of a runner. What program and brush settings are you using to render? Beautiful work. 🙂

  2. TiphArt says:

    LoL Wow, all your drawing are Really Awesome! I need to let go a little more 🙂

  3. dazdays says:

    Thanks for checkin out my work! This certainly IS a challenge with time, so being loose is definitely key!

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