#10 Retaliation Suit

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retaliation suit

Retaliation Suit

The Retaliation Suit appears whenever someone feels a moment of truly Righteous Fury at the injustice in the universe. It is a giant, amorphous invincible robot, which targets those who are behind its pilot’s misfortunes. The Retaliation Suit cannot be stopped until those responsible have been beaten, ruined, or destroyed.

Pictured above are three of the suit’s recent pilots:

Madge Fairweather, a kindly grandmother of three who, after losing her job, her pension, and her house (even though the bank lacked the paperwork) was told that her husband was ineligible for an operation by her insurance company. The woman snapped, and the Retaliation Suit found the bureaucrats responsible and saved the house, while destroying the related businesses.

Julie Chu, a conservationist whose breaking point after dealing with endless corruption and bureaucracy, discovered that the animal she was trying to save was now extinct in the wild. The Retaliation Suit created a swath of destruction that annihilated poachers, illegal fur and horn traders, and corrupt bureaucrats alike.

Ron Campbell, a gay teen who was bullied by kids, parents, and school officials on a daily basis. When the principal chose not to punish the rich kids who brutally beat him and posted the pictures on the internet, the Retaliation Suit appeared to mete out justice.

No one knows where it comes from — Julie’s best guess is the it’s how the universe feels, for a moment, the satisfying retribution of setting the world right.

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