#11 Alex Thayer – Weatherman

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Thunder flashes across the sky as the storm roils over the city. We’ve felt it brewing for the last few days, building in heat and energy. When it broke loose, everyone knew that it was going to be the storm of the century.

Most people took shelter in their homes. With the roads flooded and power-lines down, better to remain safe in a dark home than risk being out on the streets.

That was most people. Not me. With the storm venting its fury, the city was open to me, and I had a list of targets.

There was the mayor, who siphoned funds from the schools to his own private accounts. That was something that I’d been looking forward to a long time.

The local union leader that had looted the worker’s pension fund. He was risking the lives and futures of thousands, and was sitting under house arrest in his thirty million dollar mansion.

A beast of man that had made a habit of leaving his girlfriends bleeding in hospital beds. Right now he was trapped at hotel near the edge of town.

All these and dozens more. There wasn’t any way that I’d be able to finish my list tonight. But as long as the weather held, I didn’t have to wait.

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