#11 Dawn Shryer

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All across the Realm, the name Dawn Shryer is well-known.  She’s a former soldier, a mercenary, a top-notch fighter, and now a “troubleshooter for hire” who carries out assignments for the various guilds and also for clients both rich and poor.  She leads a team with two teammates  (Chessie Ilvanis and Aaron Falkirk) who get the job done, no matter how difficult the circumstances.

Oh, and she’s also one hundred and three years old.

Around eighty years ago, while fighting in the Garcen Wars, Dawn saved the life of an old woman who turned out to be a powerful sorceress.  The grateful woman gave Dawn a gift–she would age one year for every twenty years.  Basically, by the time Dawn turned (chronologically) forty-four years old, she would look and physically be twenty-four years old (so now she looks twenty-seven).  Also, while she can be injured, she heals rapidly; also, poisons–both liquid and gas– have no effect on her.

Sounds great, right?  Well…it isn’t all that good.  Dawn has had to watch friends, family and lovers age and die; she also has to see her four children, ten grandchildren, and twelve great-grandchildren age as well.  She never married the father of her children, but she did live with him for thirty years until his death.  Even though she travels around the Realm, Dawn still goes back to visit her family and stays in contact with them on a regular basis.  In fact, while she has lead her team for the past seven years,  it’s actually the tenth team she’s lead.

While carrying out an assignment near the town of Drannin, Dawn and her teammates met the Investigator team of Elgren Fenris and Gillian Rohcha.  The two teams joined forces to investigate the ancient ruins near the town, and afterwards, all five agreed to stay together and tackle any new adventures they find.

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