#11 “Liftoff” Laurie Simmons

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Universe/Storyline: The Band

Universe details: In the isolated city of Crescent where these characters live, superpowers spring from close encounters with death. Only people born in the city can gain these powers, and since this is a relatively new settlement, the first generation of people born there are just starting to show signs of super-fication. This means mostly kids and teens. Of the teens, Camille, Max, Amelia, Walter, and Rin decide to team up and form a band. They take it upon themselves to help other kids who are just getting powers/dealing with death. Eventually, when The Band realizes that everyone deserves to be informed about the city’s unique predicament, they try to reach every kid in the city at once by putting on a live concert.

Height: 5’ 6”

Body Type: Skinny, but with fairly large breasts and buttocks for her age. Ideal target for the hormonal teenage males in town.

Hair: Black, just past the shoulder, tight curls like tiny telephone cords, slick with styling product.

Eyes: Brown with flecks of gold, always glittering and traced with eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara…

Race: White. Skin has some freckling.

Age: 17

Attire: Laurie is very hip to fashion trends and always wears the latest and greatest. She tends to expose her cleavage as often as possible, in order to show off her tattoo of a blossoming rose between her breasts. She knows that besides her powers, seduction is her strength, and she intends to use it.

Superpowers: Gravitational field manipulation (conscious, primary)- Laurie can manipulate how heavy or light an object is, causing it to float or remain grounded and practically unmovable. She can manipulate her own body in order to fly, or manipulate objects to move as she wills them in a form of telekinesis. She cannot, however, use her powers to break down objects that are solid. When her powers are pitted against Max’s metal manipulation, for example, Max finds he can make metal objects escape her influence by breaking them down into enough parts that she can’t focus on controlling them all. In other words, her power is easily overwhelmed by a mass assault, distraction, or sneak attack.

Personality: Laurie is first and foremost a performer. Her personality is characterized by haughtiness, attention to her appearance, and a propensity for telling (convincing) lies. Anyone who is somewhat perceptive (not usually the teenage males with raging hormones) will notice that she comes off as kind of fake right away. Her tendency is to use her powers selfishly to get what she wants, with little concern for others. This is also how she handles her relationships.


Power Source/Backstory:

  1. Laurie was at The Band’s first concert, where overenthusiastic heroes killed a person disguised as a usually robotic police officer.


Theme Song: Bug- Wavves


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