#11 – Masked One

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There is little known about these wing-shrouded beings. Their purpose is unknown, as they have been known to give messages, help those in trouble, harm people seemingly at random, give advice (for either good or ruin), watch, listen, each act seemingly unconnected to the other acts before. No one knows what they look like, though it is said that to gaze upon their true form is to know true wisdom, as well as insanity.

They are known as angels, as demons or devils, masked ones, omens, myths. The few people who have tried to study them have mysteriously disappeared, those to disobey them, less mysteriously.


However, in recent years they have vanished, leaving the newest generation to think of them as myths. They are used in plays and stories as harbingers of doom, or merely to foreshadow tragedy in the future. Only the eldest still remember what it was like to have them wander the earth, and know that when they reappear, it will be a time to hide and pray.


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Hello! Currently I am a senior Illustration major at the Savannah College of Art and Design, with the intention of doing children's book illustration. I love drawing monsters and ridiculous creatures, but I also love doing stupidly over-detailed fantasyish characters as well! (though that's more of a personal hobby at this point). It will be interesting to see how this goes with the end of the quarter and finals coming up, but hopefully I'll be able to keep up!

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