#11: The Red Lion

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(I’m finished with super heroes. Time to move on to fantasy.)

Hailing from the Garden of Reegus, a beautiful forest known for its scouts and the locals general bellicose attitude, the Red Lion earned his name in combat.  In Reegus, names are shed and replaced as marks of honor or disgrace, and the Red Lion changed his to this after his heroism in the battle of Kithli Forest.

Lions are not native to Reegus, but they do roam Avalia, Reegus’ neighbor and long-time foe. Tau of Overseem  was commended for his strategy of unleashing a group of Avalian lions, under the command of Reegusian priests, on the back flank of the Avalian force. This caused chaos to overtake the Avalian archers, allowing Reegus to surround and rout their foes.

For this strategy, the warrior known as Tau of Overseam was given the name The Red Lion to forever immortalize his actions.

When The Red Lion grew tired of his service, he returned to his home and raising a family while serving as the head of his village’s defensive force. As Reegus’ tensions with their ally Whitesky mount, The Red Lion was personally asked by Reegus’ chief diplomat to Whitesky, Xolani, to accompany him as a bodyguard.

Personality: The Red Lion is, as his name suggests, fearless and ruthless. Age has slowed his reflexes but not his mind, and he is a master strategist with decades of experience backing his attacks. He is a true patriot, willing to kill, torture, or maim anyone in Whitesky if it means the advancement of The Garden’s causes.

Despite his advancing age, he is a hothead when angered. His temper is legendary, and one of Xolani’s main duties is to keep him from challenging the offensive party to single combat.

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