#11 The Suit

| November 11, 2011 | 2 Comments

The Suit is my own personal tribute to the pulp heroes of yesteryear with a modern approach to it. It’s my take on heroes like Batman, The Shadow, and The Spirit.

If you have seen Muckraker (#9) and liked the approach, then you will like The Suit as well.

The Suit lives and operates in the shadows. No one knows when and if he comes forth to combat the criminal elements on the the streets of New York City. In the dark passages and alleyways of the city, his light neon colors displays for all evil to see.

No one knows who he is or where he comes from, but the citizens have call him a protector, a savior, and an urban legend. Most of the citizens and criminals give veg  descriptions of what he looks like, which makes him easy to scratch heads about as far as the police trying to find him and locate his whereabouts.  He does ride in a classic custom vehicle whenever he needs to travel in the city.

Height: 6’0, Weight: 237 Lbs.,  Age: unknown


None, but processes hand to hand combat and agility.


No weapons of any kind, but has some small ball shaped bombs colorized for any kind of purpose.


Calculating, self aware, presided as dangerous to law enforcement at large.


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Just an artist creating a large amount of artistic things in a world of possible destruction.

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  1. A bunch of your designs have a similar (if not downright the same) color scheme (red and black). Is that intentional? Is there a connection between them? I figured the first few were on a team, but Muckracker and Suit seemed similar, yet they don’t have that uniform-ish costume the others had. So…connections?

    • Vito, It was unintentional that the last pair of characters I’ve posted have a look. Muckraker and The Suit are unrelated as far as a connection to each other. As far as the color scheme however, I didn’t realize what I’ve done that until you pointed out and I thank you for that. The only thing Muckraker and The Suit have in common is that I wanted to give them each a balance of classic and modern. And no, the first set of characters I’ve posted are not part of any team I’ve created. I’ve created those characters just for this challenge.
      So to answer your question, No connections at all. By the way, The set of characters coming up later in the challenge will be members of a team. Stay tuned.


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