Day 11: The King Eagle

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King Eagle
The King Eagle from the Alliance

Mark Blakely earned the name King Eagle as leader of a fighter squadron in World War II known as Eagle Squad, and for having one of the highest confirmed kills in the war.  Afterwards he became a test pilot in the avionics division of scientist/etrepeneur and brother in law Harold Bell (AKA The Shifter).  Bell had two years earlier developed a suit that could shrink and grow the size of the wearer.  He now adapted this technology to a wing harness along with his physisist wife Karen, that would alter the molecular density of its wearer, and result in him/her being able to fly.  Blakely was chosen to do the initial tests for the harness.  All was going well for the trial runs, when a malfunction occured and caused Blakely to crash into the tower, killing 3 including his sister Karen.  The crash also caused the harness to become bonded to Blakely perminently.  Although it was learned later that the malfunction was caused by an agent of I.C.E. Blakely harbored ill feelings for Bell for years to come.  Mark after a period of depression was approached by The Alliance to join their group.  Reluctantly he did, and at first was a sullen loner.  He eventually, however became a trusted and valued member of the group right up until its disapearence in 1953.  In 2001 the group reemerged, and not long afterwards the technology came about to remove the harness safely.  Blakely is today semi-retired, but occasionally re-teams with his old group…


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