#8 Oskar

| November 11, 2011 | 0 Comments

I decided to draw semihuman versions of some pets!

This is Oskar, 8 years old. An old scrapper who’s retired now, a outside cat turned inside cat. He seems ok with it though, sometimes he chills on the balcony. He’s a super grump and will grumble and moan everytime Siri, the next character I’ll post, bothers him too much.

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I'm just a swede dreaming about cartoons! I read a lot of comics and look at most of the new cartoons out there. I'm a sucker for design so I can watch or read almost all things if they have interesting designs, there is limits to my leeway when it comes to story though, haha! I hope I'll finish this challenge, I really need to flex my creativity since my only original characters counts up to the measly two....... But that's about to change!! LET'S GO!!

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