Day 11: Miranda

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Character #11, Miranda. No last name, just like Thoreau, because she’s a “stock demon”. Miranda just kind of picked her name, it has no significance whatsoever. Stock demons are lowly and just stick around to cause trouble, but not to a considerably dangerous level.

Miranda is actually a “double stock demon”. Her soul is connected to another stock demon, and they both think in the same manner. The other, who will be drawn tomorrow, is weaker and can sometimes be controlled by Miranda.

The trouble Miranda causes is basically her own survival. How? Once a night, she pulls some random human off the city streets and eats them. Fortunately for her, it hasn’t been too noticeable by the news yet, but still she fears of being found out.

The human form is a ruse, her demonic form is her true form, which looks like an oversized hound.

For her other half, Miraka, refer to here:

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