No. 11- Clay Talbot

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Name: Clay Talbot

Age: 30

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Occupation: Currently Unemployed

Short Background:
Clay Talbot was just an ordinary man with a very boring ordinary life. He had very few friends and the ones he had barely liked him to begin with. Had he been left to his own devices, he probably would have just gone along with his boring life and died a boring death. However, something magical happened.

While watching television one day, Clay had a strong desire for a soda. Suddenly one appeared directly in front of him. He thought about a large cheese pizza and then one appeared. And with that his boring life took a pleasant turn in to something magical.

Or it would have.

Much to Clay’s dismay, he found that his powers are ineffective when other people are around. Frustrated with his life and intrigued by the potential for power, Clay left his life behind for one of solitude. He now lives in a cabin in the woods and spends most of his time training and working to hone his skills. Many people think Clay simply snapped due to his extremely boring life and the prospect of continuing down the same path for the rest of his days.

And they are absolutely right.

Of course, Clay always argues that he his best friend Harvey believes him. Yet, no one has ever seen or heard of Harvey before…

He looks like you’d expect a crazy guy who lives in a forest to look. Dirty, unshaven, and one setback away from completely losing it.

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Category: Drama

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I have been out of college for two years but have been lucky enough to achieve so much in that time. I am currently hard at work on my first comic project as well as teaching English in Japan. I am a writer and, if I may be completely honest, can draw little more than stick figures. Still, I will put forth my best effort to stick to the 30 in 30 days timeline. I wish everyone else the best of luck.

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