Tribal Mother/Seer from My Novel “Mentor”

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2011 Day 11 Tribal Mother/Seer of Under City from my Novel "Mentor"
Sorry, unnamed at this time, but is usually referred to as The Mother, or The Seer.

Metaphysical secrets passed down from one Tribal Mother/Seer to another, each generation adding to the store of lore and insight precious to the tribe. Held in great esteem, and with good reason, the Tribe does all it can to protect and nurture its Seer and her protege. Her legs have all but given out on her due to an attack as a child by one of the many savage beasts that hunt the Under City’s shadows.

The current Seer in Under City has not yet chosen a replacement. Some say because no one is worthy. Others that she desires to have Marnal (see 2011 Day 01 Marnal) as her protege, but Marnal pursues other interests. But The Mother is getting old. Very old and the people are concerned that she may leave them without a properly trained Seer. No one knows the will of a Seer of course until she makes it known, and she does have someone in mind. A least expected someone.

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  1. Malveka says:

    This just keeps getting better with each new addition. It’s exciting! I can’t wait to see the world unfold in the novel with all these fascinating characters moving through it.

    The seer looks quite formidable. Perhaps she is a woman who has witnessed painful scenes and made difficult decisions. Still, I don’t think it has left her bitter. Instead, I guess she has gained a great capacity for empathy, though this has not lessened her ability to be stern and commanding at need. LOL, that’s a lot to infer from a single sketch and quite possibly wide of the mark.

    Anyway, great job on the sketch. I love the use of the sigils and am very much looking forward to seeing if those are a literal effect in the story or instead serve to symbolize The Seers nature here in the artwork.

    Go go Jande!

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