#11 – Cassie

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Cassie is quite… “gifted” in the art of fortune telling… hence giving herself the nickname at a young age. She never really considered the funny coincidence that she could only ever tell a specific type of future: predictable, mundane occurrences that, if they were odd at all, were always shrugged off as coincidences.

Cassie’s always trying to broaden and practice at her powers. Her hair has an odd habit of having two thick strands fly up like radio antennae whenever she’s tapping into her fortune ability. She always feels like she’s getting better, with more detailed, different fortunes… but, in all honesty, she just gets the same kind of fortunes as she always has; she just picks up weirder people.

Still, Cassie thinks of herself as an unappreciated superhero. She can be a bit full of herself on that, and outright denies the claims of anyone who tells her that really, her psychic abilities are just really awful.

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