#11 Kit Zenko

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#11 Kit Zenko (science fiction/anthropomorphic cartoon characters) Kit is the “big Boss” of the Skyfoxes, the space ranger branch of the IDF (Interplanetary Defense Force). Her base of operations is in the Rubah space station (orbiting the planet Rubah4), right size where she commands and sends out mission plans for 17 squads of rangers (while rangers can work solo, the usual habit is to work in teams of four or five; these teams are just the right size to pilot the standard patrol starship).

Kit Zenko is part of my  “Kitty and the Skyfoxes” series of characters. Her character is patterned after the Japanese myths of the Fox Woman. Long and thin, a fox woman is really a fox who has lived long enough to gain mystic and magical powers. At one hundred years old, a kitsune (Japanese word for “fox”) has the power to see and hear every in the world and gain as many as nine tails (in the series, Kit has a desk that has a throne-like chair behind it, the chair looking all the world like  nine fox tails spread out on the chair’s back). Other powers include shapeshifting, demon possession, mental influence, and creation of fire. All these help Kit Zenko in her job of commanding the Skyfoxes.

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Hi Gang!! Here I am for my third go around with this art challenge. I have high hopes to finish with at least 30 new characters this year. Last year"s schedule was hectic for me, so I only did 16 drawings. And while that number doesn't count it here; it does mean I already have a dozen characters waiting in the wings, simply because I didn't have the time to draw them out. Onward and upward!!! There seems to be a few new things happening this year: there are a lot of people who started early, and a lot of them are damn good. This latter should encourage all of us to churn out better characters and art as the challenge wears on. Good luck to us all.

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