#12 Absynthia

| November 12, 2011 | 10 Comments

Absynthia Corpulenta is a 17 year old Senior at  Laguna Hills High School in Orange County CA.  She  is the only child of  Dr. Dan Corpulenta a successful orthopedic surgeon and  Susan Corpulenta  an equally successful Divorce Attorney.  They live in a huge mansion in  Laguna Hills where Absynthia has always gotten the best of everything in life. Her parents love and respect her dearly and are totally accepting of Absynthia’s Goth lifestyle.

There has never been even a single shred of dysfunction in her life!  The fact that she has nothing to be sad about really makes Absynthia sad. So in the last year she has taken up eating.

A lot!

She eats because she’s  sad and she’s sad because she eats.




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  1. Odiolitos says:

    Go(s/t)h, I’ve met several Absynthias in my time… Nice work, man!

  2. Octrapenny says:

    Very funny. Nice work.

  3. Nycteris says:

    I would (almost) wear a t-shirt with that slogan!

  4. Very cool. There a lot of her in all of us.


  5. bravepigeon says:

    So… her form of self mutilation is eating? I love it!

  6. Sam medina says:

    Nice one! Now I want some cheesecake.

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