#12 Alphex

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Alphex was inspired by the 80’s TV show The Greatest American Hero. I liked the idea of  someone wearing a superhero costume and not knowing exactly what they are doing in the process.

Alphex’s real name  is Jefferson Jackson. It just seems nothing ever goes right for him. he’s very frustrated by his talent of art and struggles to succeed as an artist. Not to mention living with his mother, and has not having the greatest love life.

One night he discovers a small luggage case located at a local park near where he lives, opens it, and it’s costume of some kind. Then he wears it, and it and him become one. The suit gives him powers that he uses that he doesn’t know or understand how they come about, but he shouts out a command and the suit responds almost right away, resulting in Jefferson engaging in some wacky adventures using the suit with some hilarious results. Eventually he will understand it’s use and somehow will master it.

Height:6’0 weight:228 lbs. Age: 38 Race: African-American


Super strength, speed, holographic vision


Open minded, sometimes not know what he’s doing till after the fact, at times sarcastic, has a sense of humor.


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