#12 – Oscar Lembrick

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Oscar Lembrick has one great passion in life: to blow stuff up. He learned it when he was a kid, finding and making explosives as best he could, and then going on to study chemistry, physics and engineering. There was nothing that he loved more than seeing things explode, until the day he destroyed the Crow’s Nest – a local biker bar that had terrorized his town for years. A few well-placed pipe bombs made sure that no one from that wretched hive of scum and villainy would ever trouble his town again.

Of course, once you’ve blown up one bunch of scumbags, it’s only natural to want to blow up more. He soon became known as the go-to guy if you wanted someone dead whose death would probably leave the world a better place. He took out neo-nazis and terrorist cells, corrupt politicians and mafia families. After years of this, he took his well-earned money and tried to retire.

But now he’s back for one last job. If he succeeds, his name will go down in infamy. And he’s just fine with that.

Read his story here, The Good Guy Bomber.

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