#12 Yadin Orlos lor-Tyrn

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Priest-magician. Teacher. Unwitting harbinger of change.

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Name: Orlos lor-Tyrn.

Age: 58.

Appearance: Average height for a man of his people (around 5’9). Long black hair, greying, normally tied back, and a beard still dark. Dark eyes, medium brown skin. Working clothes, with only his hair clasp and a certain necklace indicating his status.

Personal: A gentle man, Orlos has a sense of humor about the god he serves as well as his power and responsibilities. A brewer in his spare time.

Overview: As Saren’s teacher, Orlos knows exactly what lies ahead of her, and, despite his belief and years of training and experience, despairs that she will not be able to develop her own power. Though he has trained other god vessels, in his day-to-day with Saren Orlos senses that a crossroad is approaching–that their way of life is about to shift.

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