Day # 12 – Kirhanna

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Sister Goddess to Marikutonaam
Kirhanna like her brother Marikutonaam created clothing from the sky. She does not shine brightly like her brother but simply admired the beauty of the storms she stole for her garb.
Kirhanna is a theif and a trickster, she wears a mask so she can slip away unnoticed if she removes or switches it.
She once attempted to steal the sun, doing so burned her hands and face. The scars have since healed but the colour remains. When traveling on earth her red hands are the only thing she cannot hide so she often wears gloves. In most of her tales it is her hands that reveal her. It’s also why we use the phrase caught red handed. She also wears a shawl of the night sky. Everyone believes she stole it from her brother, but actually Marikutonaam presented it to her as a gift.

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