No. 12- Drea

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Name: Drea

Age: 100 years old (in dragon years)

Ethnicity: Dragon turned human?

Occupation: Guard Dragon, Bodyguard, Adventurer, Mercenary

Short Background:
Drea started out life as a dragon. She lived with her dragon family, played dragon games, and laughed the dragon’s laugh (if there is such a thing).

Then her entire clan was butchered and she was the only one who managed to escape. As luck would have it, her path led her to the castle of a powerful sorceress who offered her protection and a place to stay. The catch was that Drea had to be a guard against anyone who came to take the sorceress’ secrets. For a time, things worked out and Drea was the perfect guard. It also helped to add to the sorceress’ reputation. So much so that many kings and lords saw it as a wise move to align themselves with the sorceress. Many came as suitors, hoping that by winning her heart, they would also gain access to her power.

And there was where the trouble began.

Drea was too good of a body guard and ended up devouring many a suitor. It got to the point where the sorceress had to decide what to do. However, she didn’t want to kill Drea and decided to turn her into a human instead. No longer thirsty for blood, but still incredibly strong, Drea became the sorceress’ personal bodyguard. It was thought that the problems would end there.

They didn’t.

As a human, Drea went from being a danger to the suitors to a distraction. Suddenly, the men were coming to woo her instead of the sorceress. Jealous, the sorceress tried to turn her back. Drea escaped.

Now, she is traveling the world among people that used to fear her. She decided that the best way to see more of the world was to fall in with a band of mercenaries. And that’s what she did.

She looks like an average girl. She isn’t doesn’t really look that different from everyone else with the exception of the blue hair (but no one really questions it). The only giveaway is a trail of scales going down her back, though a person would have to get really close to see them (and that is not happening).

She is a mercenary so she dresses like a mercenary. No dresses or fancy clothing. Just practical “soldier of fortune” wear. Boots, pants, tight shirts, and headbands. Lots of headbands.

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