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#11 Cona

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Cona the Crisperian-Savior of all ice-cream lovers and protects them from soggy/chewy cones.

#13 – Geikarei Pomela

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The alien geikarei, as they’re called by the local peoples, are enormous sentient plant life that are famous for their free motion and migration. Every  so often, these creatures get up and just move to wherever the hell they feel like. Whether they’re doing it for more nutrients, or feeling crowded, or just being plain bored, these leafy creatures have always been behind a shroud of certain mystery. They’re known for having bizarre powers – bringing luck, healing, disease, or even being parasites upon entire populations.

This geikarei in particular is a rather jumbled, graceless looking one named Pomela. Pomela is actually a friend of a local village, and s/he/it is known for it’s healing abilities. Pomela had been rescued by one of these villagers from a wildfire nearby, and the villager had given it safe haven in her home. In exchange for protection from wild animals and weather, Pomela provides its services as a sort of village nurse. While Pomela certainly can’t cure things overnight, it has always produced steady results, and the villagers depend on it for their sick and injured. Though geikarei are known for being migratory, Pomela has not moved from its location in several years.

Day 12 Mass Appeal

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Day 12 Mass Appeal for the 30 Characters Challenge!

Thanks for Checkin in!

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#13 – Margot

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Margot is a character that I come back to again and again. Each time she appears she’s changed just a little bit but she’s always curious but a little bit surly. Margot is the main character for my monster project and is the one who is documenting all the different creatures.


#12 Princess Katika from the mermaid realm

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Ruthless, evil, and wont stop at nothing to rule the seven seas. Heir of the Mermaid realm, she dreams of taking over the earth
realm crushing her enemies at her tentacles.


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The year is 1840.  Up until this point in history this Earth is identical to our own.  But on July 24th of that year one event would change its reality to make it unrecognizable.  The most notable world event of that day was a bright flash of blue light in the sky.  Astronomers and scientists took it as some sort of natural stellar phenomenon.  Many of faith took it as a sign from their perspective gods and dieties.  In the end the event passed and most returned to their lives.  But not long later in scatered parts of the world, artifacts turned up.  They were later revealed to be some form of technology which certain private and public entities began to reverse engineer into domestic and military use.  In the Dakota Territory meanwhile, a band of Hunkpapa Indians from the Lakota Sioux found the wreckage of some sort of pod from space.  Inside they found what appeared to be an infant of humanoid like alien, of blue skin and strange features.  They believed that he was a gift from the great spirit.  They took the child in and raised him as his own.  They gave him the name Tohca Wicahpi or BLUE STAR. They at first kept him a secret from those outside the tribe.  He grew into adulthood quickly.  When the US Calvary sought revenge for the Grattan Massacre, they sought out Blue Star’s village for retribution.  When they arrived there they were met by Blue Star and witnessed the adopted alien’s power first hand, as he decimated the entire calvary single handed.  The US Government sent in more forces but this only resulted in more casualties!  Finally the government conceeded to a negotiating table, and made a treaty with Blue Star’s band to not encroach on Lakota Territory.  Blue Star also took this time at the negotiations to learn the ways of the white man in both cultural and military power.  Blue Star used his intelect, force of power, and charisma to join the various Lakota factions into one cohesive force.  He established The sovereign nation of LAKOTA, a hybrid european/lakota government with him as head of state,  He saw that if he were to take his adopted people into a feared and respected presence in the world, he would be forced to modernize and industrialize his people into a coherent state.  He did this by sending many of his best and brightest to the finest institutions in Europe and the US.  By 1865 when the civil war ended, Lakota was well on its way to becoming a first class nation, that the US saw as a threat to its dream of “manifest destiny”…


#13 – Amy

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Sorry I only have sketches today 🙁

I got nooo sleep last night, insomnia yay!

Anyway, this is Amy, she’s one of my oldest characters I’ve had floating around in my head. Just your typical high school senior until she transfers to a boarding school mid year due to unforeseen circumstances. She starts getting followed by these weird spirits that only she can see. (who she names mumpkins due to them looking a lot like pumpkins. monster + pumpkin = mumpkin) As she frequently gets harassed by these beings, she realizes she is a part of an even bigger problem. The one controlling those mumpkins, the devil’s right hand man, has been summoned into the world of the living and since she’s the only one who can see him, it’s up to her to stop the next apocalypse.

She has a tattoo on her right arm of a thorny black branch that she’s had since birth. It started out looking like just a regular, slightly discolored mark but got darker and darker with age. This is her in her battle outfit. Not practical but so anime! lol

Day 13: James Yang

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James is Sam’s boyfriend. He Lived in Chicago until the age of 16, when he and his mother moved to Ridgeville, Iowa. For over a year, he bought cheese at the farmer’s market from Sam before finally asking her out. Three years later, they’re still together. About a year before the story starts, James got a job at the elementary school teaching art.


#9 Poppy

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#8 Johann Von Flowerwand

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#7 Quatermaster Nigle

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#12 – Barden Torque

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A little bit cliché but I don’t mind.
I’m just happy I’m not falling behind on these things!

Though I should have taken a few more seconds on those shoes… gah.
He's under a spreading chestnut tree.

#13 Dr. Kevorkipig

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#13 Debra Whitings – Fan

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Staring at her through the lens, I couldn’t believe how close she was. Right there in the flesh, sleeping on her 800 thread sheets in her silk pajamas, the vision of perfection made real.

From the moment I saw her first movie, a stupid slasher flick where she played buxom dead cheerleader #2, I knew that there was nothing I wanted more than to be her. Even in that dead-end piece of tripe that the studio called a film, she shined, like a diamond among the weeds. She was only on screen for six minutes, but they showed me everything. She had style, grace, elegance and poise. Her screams conveyed the perfect blend of absolute terror and utter helplessness.

I wanted to be her. To have just one tenth that skill and beauty. It would be so wonderful and perfect to be even a little big like her.

It didn’t surprise me when she was the only actor from the film to land another part, and then another, and then another one after that. It was only a matter of time before she was the toast of Hollywood and had to beat off the movie offers with a stick.

But then she betrayed us. She quit. She just took all of that talent she was given and threw it away. Well, I’m not going to let her do that to us.

That’s why I’m here, watching her, I’ll wait for when her guards are away and she’s alone and vulnerable, the same way she’s made me, and then I’ll show her what happens to people who throw away gifts.

#7 Well Dweller

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#13: The Cellist

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The ones who play the cello

are puppeteers at best

because the instrument is human

just the voice, the very best.

A cello couldn’t move;

it’s up to her to bow.

A cello cannot cry

but the sound will let us know.

A cellist is the one

who puts life into the shell.

With breath and blood and tears

and the will to play it well.

SECRET: This one’s probably my favorite so far.

If you can’t tell, I played cello once upon a time. I just really love this instrument.


#13 – Antonio Oak

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Antonio Oak is a construct who became a quite popular actor. Most people refer to his ilk as dolls, and mostly they work as servants mostly because they were designed that way. Antonio was designed to help out backstage with set maintenace, props, and assembly. That was until the leading villian for one of the went missing shortly before a performance for an extremely influential duchess. Antonio being a construct easily remembered all the lines and delievered quite the performance. He’s an extremely old model having developed quite the personality as the older ones are won’t to do, mostly eccentric and elitist. He has also amassed great weath retiring years ago to enjoy his success. Though he will occasionally still perform if the audience is prestigious enough.

#13 The Tactician

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To have the strength to see multiple steps beyond. The Tactician is a man cursed with the skill to perceive every possible outcome to any situation. A vision of the future is available to him whenever he wants it. His real curse isn’t this ability, it’s how valuable an asset he is to any given war. Unaligned by nature, he works against his will for whatever command he is under. Wars are fought just for this man and his unbelievable abilities.

#13 Ashley Rupert

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You’re ten years old and your life sucks. Your mother is dead, your father – who had to be bullied into even admitting your his daughter – has taken you in begrudgingly, because as bad as an illegitimate daughter is for your reputation it looks even worse to abandon her. He doesn’t love you like Mom did, never did love you at all, and probably never will love you either. It’s a month after Mom’s funeral, after she left you in your dad’s care and swallowed a handful of bills and a bottle of Grey Goose because in today’s economic state a mother with terminal cancer is worth more to her daughter dead than alive. Technically, your life has never been better: the roof doesn’t howl and cry during thunderstorms; the Gap sweater you’re wearing now probably costs more than your entire wardrobe combined; and you never have meticulously calculate what you are going to eat again. But Mom is dead, Dad doesn’t love you and his wife.

Let’s not talk about his wife or his other daughter. The real daughter.


You’re thirteen, and life just got worse.

Three years of learning to carefully balance passive-aggressive rage and hatred between yourself and your father’s wife (she insists, at every turn, that you should call her mother, and you make a point of not calling her that) has just gone to waste because she’s won.

She has won and the only reason why you don’t just go and curl up in a ball and die is because it’s what she would want. She wants you dead just as much as she wants her husband alive. Somehow, it’s your fault he’s dead, even though you weren’t the drunk one, weren’t the one behind the wheel of the car, weren’t even in the same damned city because the bus you were riding back after the choral competition was late. None of that matters because to her, because she’s a widow now and can hate you openly. Has reason to hate you, because of the two reminders he left in  this world, the daughter she can’t stand is the one who inherited everything she loved about him.

Her grief doesn’t make you feel pity for her. It just makes your own hatred stronger, because you know now that you’re in for the fight of your life.


You’re sixteen and can’t go to university.

Oh, you definitely thought about it. You’ve got a shoebox full of pamphlets of universities and colleges. But no matter what you do there’s no way you can make this break even. You’ve calculated how much it will cost and you can’t afford it. No university will take you if you can’t prove that you can pay it, and there’s no way that you can ever do that. You’re working every day after school just so that you can eat. Most of it goes to food and your father’s widow’s shit-strange ideas, like making you pay rent even though you don’t have anywhere else to go. Anything that is left goes towards your “Get the F*** Out of Dodge” fund. You can’t remember when you last slept for more than six hours, balancing work and school because sleep is for those who don’t routinely have plates thrown at their heads which they not only have to clean up afterwards but also pay for the replacement. You’re wearing the same clothes you wore when you were thirteen (and thank God you’ve only grown thinner since then). You’ve slept at the women’s shelter so often that they recognize you now (but don’t know your name because you use a new one each time). Your life is so similar to when Mom was alive that you cry yourself to sleep most nights because she isn’t here.

If your life was a fairytale, you’d have been visited by your mother’s ghost by now, or a fairy godmother. Or even a f***ing talking fish. But this is real life. You don’t have an ugly step-sister – your half-sister is probably the only reason why you and her mother haven’t managed to kill each other yet – and don’t even have a regular godmother.


You’re eighteen and a handsome prince doesn’t whisk you away. You leave behind whatever you can’t carry and take the first bus out of town after you get your high school diploma. Sometime around midnight you cross the state line, but you don’t worry about the Greyhound disappearing or shit like that. There’s no magic in this – just blood and sweat and tears and gasoline carrying you out of this hellhole life.


You’re twenty-two and spinning on a sparkly pole while wearing a rhinestone-embellished bikini. You don’t yourself, though, or the men who dress like your father did and shove five dollar bills at you. They’re pigs, but you don’t have to go back to the widow and sell her your soul in exchange for a roof over your head. There’s no way you’ll ever go back to that, you think, dancing in four-inch, plastic heels.


You’re twenty-six and life is not perfect, but definitely better. The first dress you’ve ever designed has finally sold and the shop has asked for more dresses, more designs. Something has gone right for you. A lucky break, if you believed in luck. Luck is demeaning, though. Luck implies that the long nights and early mornings and every wound, old or still festering, was all for naught. That you didn’t get here under your own power but because some benevolent person took pity on your existence and helped you and took all the glory. You’re damn sure that if anyone tried to help you now that you’d punch them in the face.


You’re twenty-nine and the half-sister you haven’t seen in over ten years appears in your shop. Your partner, a girl with raven black hair and wicked temper and the most beautiful smile, doesn’t recognize her, and you nearly don’t either, not with her heavy with child and lined face.

Her mother is dying, she says. She wants to see you, make amends.

You almost do, you almost go back to the town you swore you’d never return to until you realize that she only wants to see you because she has forgiven you. She has forgiven your for something that was never your fault, and wants you to forgive her for everything she did to you.

If you were a better person, you might have. You’re the girl who had to whisk herself away from the evil step-mother and save herself. A better person than you might have been able to forgive her, or at least fake it for a dying woman, but then you wouldn’t be you.

The night she dies, you don’t know it. Your half-sister doesn’t call you, angry at you for not coming to her mother’s deathbed, and you only find out a week later when someone foolishly sends you condolences for your step-mother’s death. You throw out the bouquet and design a lily-white dress that you wear to the funeral with your four-inch heels.

You wind up in your partner’s arms, shoes dangling in her hands, because you can’t walk in four-inch heels any more.

#13 Water Phoenix

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#12 Lord Walrus

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#13 Special Agent

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Timothy Collins, America’s most decorated soldier is barely human, he has lived for a hundred years to date, and is still going strong. He always fought for U.S. and his loyalty is not for sale. Special Forces greatest fighter, has come to his greatest challenge when freedom’s biggest threat is the President himself.

#13 Hunter Grymm

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#13 Hunter Grymm

#13 sylvia the succubus

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a human granted demonic powers in return for attacking the ghostrunner. will appear in later chapter,

#13 – Pizza Luvin’ Santa

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#13 – Pizza Luvin’ Santa

People picture Santa as a jolly old man who eats nothing but cookies and sweets all year long. Really though, who could eat that stuff all the time? You would have to take a break every so often and eat a real meal.

When Santa’s craving something that will fill him up, he turns to the North Pole Pizzeria where Antonio the elf makes a special pie with his favorite toppings. Recently Santa has been getting a slice or two left for him on Christmas Eve and it’s made his busy night go so much smoother. He’s even decided to modify his outfit to reflect the love he has for the classic dish.

Be a sport and leave Santa some pizza this year instead of the same old cookies and milk.

This picture is another one done in homage to the coolest artist I know, Mark Mariano. Check out his art at his website,, and don’t rub in the fact of how much better he is than me when it comes to drawing.

While you’re out surfing, I’ll put a plug in for my site,, for a cool story about Santa getting pizza on Christmas Eve.

#13 Callista Hildebrand

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Callista Hildebrand is the estranged half sister of Herrick “Soulreaver” Hildebrand. (I mentioned him last year).  She is a assassin for hire.  Her tattoos were applied by Keder Stormcryer, and tattoo mage.  The tattoo empower her with supernatural senses and reflexes.  Stormcryer has done this to several people (usually against their will-as an experiment/manner of control), but Callista volunteered for the procedure.


#13 – Nubs

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Day 11: Gary

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Gary doesn’t want to fire the new kid. It’s not that he’s great at making photocopies. And yeah, he never can manage to get to work on time. Hell, sometimes he misses complete shifts. He also can barely manage to come to work in one piece. He’s always exhausted or really beat up.

But the kid needs this. He’s gotta chip in at home, save for school, bring home bacon, and all of that jazz. Gary can’t be the reason he goes home penniless.

Especially since Gary knows who the kid is. He’s a superhero.

It wasn’t hard for Gary to put two and two together. He knows that the kid gets it from every side, and he doesn’t want to be a problem for him.

He can’t be the reason the city’s hero doesn’t get a nights meal.

So he spreads out his staff, picks up doubles here and there, concocts every excuse he can think of.

Gary may be overworked, but he hears that gray is debonair, so he sleeps easy.

#13 – Vanessa

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Vanessa is a high school senior who also happens to be a really big fan of baseball, and even hopes to someday form her own baseball team.


However, only five days after mischevious, game show crazed sophomore Julia transferred to her school, Vanessa found herself dragged into Julia’s club.  She was the third person to be forced to join the club, Mandy and Megumi (a.k.a. Meg) both joining before her.  While Vanessa doesn’t exactly hate Julia as much as Meg does, she is still bitter about not being able to play baseball again as long as Julia is watching her, which makes her wish she could just sneak out of the club while she would be unable to notice.


Many people joke that Vanessa looks like a supervillain in disguise, but she isn’t at all.  While she is generally carefree and fun loving, she can also be described as a honorable person, which is to say, she despises dirty tricks, cheating, and generally anything that breaks any rules of any board game or sport she plays or spectates.  She is also good friends with Meg.


Vanessa and Meg have been known to attempt each other’s favorite sport from time to time, a trend they started since they first met.


Vanessa is 18 years old.

#13: Fat Bat

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On his quest to find all the best eating spots in the world, this fella seems to have put on a few too many pounds…

#13 Self Serving Wall Street Banker

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I think this one is self explanatory.