#12 – An Unpronouncable Name

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It’s not really his name. He just doesn’t have one that can be said in our language.

Most people refer to him as the leader of the faction of Wall and Garden – named so for the fact that it’s primary goals are to wall off the demon world from human invaders and cultivate what’s left of the demons’ cultural garden.

The leader, who for now we’ll just call Elephant Face (he refuses to accept or be called a name that humans can properly pronounce), has been campaigning to find ways to seal off his world from ours for centuries, even long before the disastrous vampire wars ravaged the realm. He’s worked endlessly to try to push human influence out of the world, and is openly critical of the ruling Caviers, the half-human bloodline that’s been trying to maintain order while trying to keep the balance between their world and ours. He believes humans have strictly no business in the affairs of demons, and should stay in their own world where they belong.

Despite his strong views, he doesn’t hate humans. In fact, he’s quite indifferent to humans as a whole, and he’s certainly met a fair few that he respects. Wall and Garden, despite their extremism, are a strictly pacifistic faction, and Elephant Face himself is perfectly fine with working alongside humans if it’s convenient to him. Usually, these kinds of affairs that he accepts human assistance with are disputes or violent feuds between humans and groups of demons. Elephant Face is a wise and patient creature – while he refuses to stop until humans have been banished from the realm permanently, he’s willing to accept any sort of compromise along the way. Some progress is better than no progress, though other members of Wall and Garden thinks this policy makes him look too soft on the issue. He doesn’t want the human race exterminated (like several other demon factions desire), he just wants them out.

(Ack, this one’s a bit late, mainly because I decided to do a colored pencil scan. Today’s will be on time, hopefully.)

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