#13 Marcus Waite

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17-year-old. Best friend. Someday famed oboe player.


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Name: Marcus Waite.

Age: 17.

Appearance: Average height for his age (5’10). Lanky. Short dreadlocks.

Personal: Outgoing, goofy. Has epilepsy. Enjoys science classes, especially environmental science. Has friends but not exactly popular. Honor society member, tabletop gamer, and general geek. First-chair oboe in the marching band.

Overview: At a party, Marcus experiences a seizure induced by alcohol which kills him. Soon after, his ghost begins appearing to his best friend, Sam, whom he misses and doesn’t want to leave behind. Sam, understandably, has no idea how to deal with this.

Category: 2011, Drama

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  1. GirlHero says:

    Nerd alert! Love it. He sounds super darling, and.. super dead, which utterly bums me out.

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