#13 – Amy

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Sorry I only have sketches today 🙁

I got nooo sleep last night, insomnia yay!

Anyway, this is Amy, she’s one of my oldest characters I’ve had floating around in my head. Just your typical high school senior until she transfers to a boarding school mid year due to unforeseen circumstances. She starts getting followed by these weird spirits that only she can see. (who she names mumpkins due to them looking a lot like pumpkins. monster + pumpkin = mumpkin) As she frequently gets harassed by these beings, she realizes she is a part of an even bigger problem. The one controlling those mumpkins, the devil’s right hand man, has been summoned into the world of the living and since she’s the only one who can see him, it’s up to her to stop the next apocalypse.

She has a tattoo on her right arm of a thorny black branch that she’s had since birth. It started out looking like just a regular, slightly discolored mark but got darker and darker with age. This is her in her battle outfit. Not practical but so anime! lol

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