# 13 – Brent

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Brent is a five foot walking cactus.  Despite being prickly, he has a warm personality, and is a bit of a practical joker.  His ability to blend into the west Texas landscape is a valuable asset when the Creatures are on the move.

<Creator comments:  Brent is the one character that I had to totally redesign for 30 Days.  A few years after drawing my comic books, I happened to pick up an issue of Legion of Superheroes.  And there he was … my character Brent … in the form of Bouncing Boy!  Although I don’t consciously remember it, I must have seen an issue much earlier, for I even had Brent wearing the same blue and white clothes.>

[In 1974, at the age of 12, I drew a series of “comic books” detailing the adventures of Merrill, a 15-year-old human boy, in the Other Land, an invisible dimension which co-exists with our own.  The characters I am submitting throughout the 30 Days are the inhabitants of the Other Land.]

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I am a middle school teacher. Back in 1974, I created a series of comic books based on the adventures of the members of the Difference Club. (Anybody remember Bic Banana markers?) The Difference Club consisted of humans, aliens, elementals, and other beings dedicated to one cause: protecting earth from ... the Creatures. I still have these books. Last year, I decided to write another story about them. It's not a terribly original idea, but I wondered what would happen if I discovered that, by writing them in 1974, they actually came into existence in another dimension? How would they feel about me leaving them alone for decades? I promise that you WILL be entertained, if only by laughing at my artwork.

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