#13 – Geikarei Pomela

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The alien geikarei, as they’re called by the local peoples, are enormous sentient plant life that are famous for their free motion and migration. Every  so often, these creatures get up and just move to wherever the hell they feel like. Whether they’re doing it for more nutrients, or feeling crowded, or just being plain bored, these leafy creatures have always been behind a shroud of certain mystery. They’re known for having bizarre powers – bringing luck, healing, disease, or even being parasites upon entire populations.

This geikarei in particular is a rather jumbled, graceless looking one named Pomela. Pomela is actually a friend of a local village, and s/he/it is known for it’s healing abilities. Pomela had been rescued by one of these villagers from a wildfire nearby, and the villager had given it safe haven in her home. In exchange for protection from wild animals and weather, Pomela provides its services as a sort of village nurse. While Pomela certainly can’t cure things overnight, it has always produced steady results, and the villagers depend on it for their sick and injured. Though geikarei are known for being migratory, Pomela has not moved from its location in several years.

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