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CONCEPT:  A student of martial arts/mysticism gains a new level of ability,power, and awareness, but his aged Sensei dies before the student can truly undertand the depth and price of his abilities.


I’ve always had a fondness for IRON FIST and DOCTOR STRANGE, and the mystical origins of pulp heroes like THE SHADOW and THE PHANTOM.   There’s so much territory to explore with the western outsider archetype in a forgotten magic/high-tech city.  JACK KIRBY loved this concept.   Not can you lead a character through the exploration whole new “forgotten but ancient magical city” but also investigate the significance of the perception of a Western Dominated culture in terms of ancient traditions and mystical power.

So what would happen if these “chosen one” style characters, these inheritors of great ancient power and traditions, were left without a guide?  What would happen if they didn’t have someone to show them how to use their abilities or the depth of understanding that wielding tremendous ancient power must necessitate?  Ultimately what is the difference between Baron mordo and Stephen Strange?  Baron Mordo lusted after the power, and Strange felt he was unworthy.  What would happen if supreme power was given to someone whose self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy were left alone to fester without the support/education of mentor?

This is the conflict at the core of the character, KENSAI.  He weilds great power, but is not aware of the personal and global price he might be paying, or might incur if he incorrectly uses his abilities.  The fine line defines the character, because he is constantly exploring what it means to take steps to one side of the line or the other whether he likes it or not.

The storyline that goes through my mind with KENSAI is almost like the “Kung-Fu” TV series or what J. Michael Straczynski attempted to do recently on Superman… KENSAI would wander the earth, meeting people and discover who he is, what exactly the limits and depth of his abilities are, and learning from the successes and many failures he creates with his skills and abilities.

No, of course, KENSAI would not walk around shirtless with tattoos flowing like liquid and emitting glowing energy from beneath his skin, so that very visual is the base of a character who was essentially an Iron Fist rip-off in 1991 and developed into something more over the years.


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