#13 Suicide Blonde

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The name Suicide Blonde was taken from the song “Suicide Blonde” by the Australian band INXS.

Amanda Rodriguez-Colon is an attorney for the City of New York and a has an impressive record of cases won by a woman in the city’s history. Then suddenly her world has changed. Her mother got killed by some thugs in her neighborhood, Her bother got assaulted and almost dead, and her husband has been missing, only to be discovered by police a few days later.

Distraught, angry, and frustrated by the very system she has pour her heart and soul to honor on a daily basis, she takes the law into her own hands.

Having trained by her father, a retired police officer in the way of using weapons of all traits. She trains herself psychically and mentally to peak perfection, she takes the law to her into her own hands, by becoming a one woman army against the  criminal elements that defy the law and makes them all pay for the crimes they all commit.

Wearing nothing but a trench coat, a custom made black body suit, and a blindfold which covers her entire top potion of her face, and a blond wig she had used in a Halloween costume years ago, Amanda travels the streets alone eliminating all criminal activity in her own way, cause justice is indeed blind.

Height:5’7 weight:138 lbs. Age:27 Racial Background: Mixed Raced Hispanic(Dominican/German/Italian)


Quick reflexes, knows hand to hand from her father. Trained to function blindfolded.


Confident, aware of her surroundings, and not afraid to convey emotion.



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  1. Nathan Seabolt says:

    Great mask! Good work overall, too.

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