#13 – Vanessa

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Vanessa is a high school senior who also happens to be a really big fan of baseball, and even hopes to someday form her own baseball team.


However, only five days after mischevious, game show crazed sophomore Julia transferred to her school, Vanessa found herself dragged into Julia’s club.  She was the third person to be forced to join the club, Mandy and Megumi (a.k.a. Meg) both joining before her.  While Vanessa doesn’t exactly hate Julia as much as Meg does, she is still bitter about not being able to play baseball again as long as Julia is watching her, which makes her wish she could just sneak out of the club while she would be unable to notice.


Many people joke that Vanessa looks like a supervillain in disguise, but she isn’t at all.  While she is generally carefree and fun loving, she can also be described as a honorable person, which is to say, she despises dirty tricks, cheating, and generally anything that breaks any rules of any board game or sport she plays or spectates.  She is also good friends with Meg.


Vanessa and Meg have been known to attempt each other’s favorite sport from time to time, a trend they started since they first met.


Vanessa is 18 years old.

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