#8 Namesake

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Namesake : status : middle school student  (unknown by large majority of neovidual hero community )

With the neovidual ability to read the “aura of historical relevance” that all objects and living beings emit , Christopher Robert Williams aka Namesake can see the history of anything or anyone he touches. He can also read books simply by touch as well as other fantastic abilities related to his core power. The nickname “Namesake” was given to him by family and close friends.

As one could imagine this would be an extremely useful power in the neovidual hero community. However, Christopher’s parents Nathaniel and Roberta Williams have under no uncertain terms expressed that Christopher will take no large part in hero adventuring and crime fighting. Christopher’s parents wish to protect him from the harm and trauma that could result from such activities. Out of a respect for Moonwill and the good he has done, Roberta and Nathaniel sparingly and reluctantly allow Moonwill to seek help from Christopher.

Moonwill has called upon Christopher’s help once in order to save the world. Out of a deep respect for Christopher’s safety and the wishes of his parents, Moonwill vows never to do so again.

Artist G.R. on Twitter

The webcomic “Internal Hero Presents”



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