Day 11: Gary

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Gary doesn’t want to fire the new kid. It’s not that he’s great at making photocopies. And yeah, he never can manage to get to work on time. Hell, sometimes he misses complete shifts. He also can barely manage to come to work in one piece. He’s always exhausted or really beat up.

But the kid needs this. He’s gotta chip in at home, save for school, bring home bacon, and all of that jazz. Gary can’t be the reason he goes home penniless.

Especially since Gary knows who the kid is. He’s a superhero.

It wasn’t hard for Gary to put two and two together. He knows that the kid gets it from every side, and he doesn’t want to be a problem for him.

He can’t be the reason the city’s hero doesn’t get a nights meal.

So he spreads out his staff, picks up doubles here and there, concocts every excuse he can think of.

Gary may be overworked, but he hears that gray is debonair, so he sleeps easy.

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