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Gibbi of UnderCity from my Novel, “Mentor”

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2011 Day 13 Gibbi of UnderCity from my Novel "Mentor"

Her full name Gibbil’ananat means ‘left by the gods’, as Gibbi was found as a newborn along with her dead “Lost One” mother. It was  a miracle the child was alive, for there are many things in the shadows of the Under City that would relish the taste of such a morsel, and had many times in the history of the people. It was thought that the mother died form wounds received protecting her babe. The miracle child was still strapped to the mother’s breast and able to keep itself alive on it’s mother’s milk for days. The proof of this was the amount the child had defecated by the time she was found. The people often teased her about her origins in the tribe by calling her Nissi, which is short for a’lini’sanis. Which means born from the shit of the gods.

This Gibbi took with humour and equanimity like most things. But it was felt that she was marked somehow, and that the reason for this would show itself someday. And “Nissi” became even more apt when she began to play with muds and ichor from the beasts of UnderCity to make pictures on the stone walls around them. Strange pictures and sometimes portraits of the people. But by then she had been Gibbi for so long that no one insisted she change her name.

After she turned eight she was brought before the Seer, who  blessed her arts. And though the Seer said naught, she kept her eye on the girl and learned much from her picture making.

#13 – Kid Emo

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Julius Blackwell is the second known case of immortality on a human being.

Figures. Even on that, he couldn’t make first.

Julius was made clearly aware of this when he jumped off a 20 story building on his 18th birthday, a “Good bye, cruel world” note on a pink post-it plastered on his less hated Weepy Willow t-shirt. He was tired of all the shuffling his mortal coil had done so far.

His coil, turns out, wasn’t all that mortal to begin with.

Julius’ immortality is manifested on several ways:

One is his impregnable skin, which can’t be cut, burnt, penetrated or harmed in any way, as it absorbs all impact and evenly distributes the kinetic energy on to every skin cell, rapidly metabolizing it. This is what allowed him to survive the fall from the building.

Didn’t do much for the poor guy he fell on top of, though.

Second, we have the fact that, due to the way his body metabolizes energy, Julius no longer needs to sleep or eat. He no longer even needs oxygen, which he discovered after a consecutive 27 hours of being submerged in his bathroom tub, trying to drown himself. He would have lasted longer, but he then threw his pink iPod Nano into the tub to try and electrocute himself, only to have both the device and the mood in the room ruined


And finally, there’s the fact that whatever Julius does ingest is super-metabolized in the same way the kinetic energy he gets from impacts, or even simple solar radiation or heat from an open flame (like the one he put his head into during his therapy group camping trip) does, which is a sort of organic cold fusion. So every substance that enters his body is completely reduced to its basic components in a manner of seconds. So, for Julius’ body, there is no difference between drinking a glass of water or, say, a gallon of drain cleaner.

Except, unfortunately, for the taste.

What started as a misguided and very complicated journey to express his inner suffering and tortured soul had become a source of endless frustration to young Julius, now in his early 20’s. Any passerby would think that Julius would be OK with all the frustration, as he is keen on looking for new and fascinating ways to get depressed about stuff, yet he’ll always answer that he doesn’t like wasting a good sulk on non-sulk-worthy things.

When inquired on what exactly can be considered sulk-worthy or not, Julius will always comment that “you don’t understand my pain” and run to his room to have a good cry and try to cut his wrists. Then he’ll remember he can’t and will have a bad cry. Then he’ll go out there looking for something that can undo him as he so wishes to be undone.

Julius is not only a well known figure in psychiatric circles, having gone already through 32 different therapists, most of which have ended up killing themselves which only adds to Julius many frustrations, but is also a known fixture of the super-human community.

Especially of super villains.

He came in contact with his first super villain while at the mall, looking for a new leather wristband to go with his dark blue eye shadow.

The store was suddenly assaulted by the Stink Bug, a Z-List baddy known for excreting a highly corrosive and toxic acid on his unsuspecting victims. After taking all the money, Stink Bug in a sudden outburst of brutality, decided to kill all his hostages, spraying them with his acidic bulge gland. This did not work on our Julius though, and so the Bug kept spraying him, insisting it would have to work eventually.

Four hours later, and after lengthy and difficult talks with various hostage negotiators and even an FBI specialist, Julius finally let the Bug go. His bulge gland completely deflated, his eyes staring an empty stare into nothingness, he just kept repeating over and over that he “felt dirty”.

Even today, in his padded room on the Happy Cheeks Home for the Clinically Insane, “I feel dirty” is the only phrase he’ll say. Over and over.

Sometimes, he’ll shout it.

After that, Julius kept insisting and has tried climbing up the criminal ladder and confront bigger, meaner and more dangerous criminals to the point where many of the A-Listers of the super villain community have gotten restraining orders against “Julius Blackwell, a.k.a That Emo Kid”, which was then twisted into “Kid Emo” once the legal document were leaked by the National Enquirer.

And though he may not look it, Julius has proven to be a very successful crime-fighter, having single-handedly wiped out the Z, Y, X, W and V lists of super villains through his incredible powers of immortality and bumming the fuck out of everyone he meets.

He’s not the hero we want, nor the hero we need.

But he is kinda there…

He’s Kid Emo, and he wishes he was dead.

Day 14: Cybernetique

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Judan Dougherty was an archeologist in the year 2501, who was doing a survey with her team on Ornaksas Prime when they were attacked by a patrol of Thrallian warships.  Her assistants were killed and Judan mortally wounded, she wandered into a cave to try and save herself.  It was there she encountered a dormant techno organic life form which bonded to her and transformed her into the being known as CYBERNETIQUE!  She later was found and became a member of the space faring adventurers known as GOLUNDAN CORP, to deal with the Thrallian threat!

#12 Waiting

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Loretta was 9 years old when she first met the man of her dreams while playing outside her house…although years older than her, she swore she would marry him one day. Since the first brief meeting, she has sat at her window waiting for this man to return…believing he will eventually to whisk her away into a happy ending. However as each month passes, Loretta grows more and more bitter and her thoughts grow darker….leading her mind to produce 1 strange spider-like creature for every month that the man does not arrive.

*** Can’t wait to design the older, aged Loretta…stay tuned!

#15 Fes

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Fes, it’s short for Fesecue. Really, who wants to be called Fesecue? He’s half man, half grasshopper. He spits like an overpaid baseball player. He’s still waiting for his wings.


#14 Duster

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Duster’s only super power is to create large dust clouds.  He’s mostly just a pain in the ass and housekeepers around the world are starting to assemble a lynch mob.


#14 – Adrika the Thief

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Day 14 - Adrika the Thief by George Ward

Adrika is a small, spunky young woman who is a master of the blade. Outspoken and smart mouthed, she has had to fight her way out of trouble on more occasions then she can count.  The youngest of five children, she has been bullied and mistreated by her older brothers most of her life.  Her father was a brute of a man who cared little about having a daughter and her mother was too over worked and feeble to stand up for her only daughter.  As a result, Adrika has had to learn to defend herself against opponents much bigger and stronger then her most of her life.  She was blessed with an amazing dexterity and flexibility that helped her survive long enough to learn to fight with a blade.  As a result, she never faces a foe face to face and will dodge attacks until she can gain the upper hand.  As an adult, she is feared by all who know her and few would dare get on her bad side.  However, there is always some stranger who comes into town and mistakes her for a smart-mouthed brat.  She usually allows them to live so they can spread her name across the country. She hopes that one day everyone will know Adrika is the name of someone not to be trifled with.

#13 Wanda

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This is Wanda she’s part of the duo for a story entitled, Wooden Spoons and Wire Hangers.


#13 – Destructo!: The Happy Cow

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#12 Delana

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It’s Delana. Her super power is to bore her enemies to death by playing a never ending game of guess which hand.


#12 – Paul

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#11 David

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This is known as, the other thing. You know, when you ask someone if they saw that thing and they say, no but I did see the other thing. His name is David.



#11 – Craig

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This is Craig, the man who’s head explodes from time to time


#14 Basilisk

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Called Liz by her friends(who just assume her name is Elizabeth) and “little crown” at home. There is nothing she hates more than her own name. Seriously who would name their child after a mythological serpent who either spat poison and fire or turned people into stone just by looking at them? Parents who skip out of town as soon as they can, leaving you with a very patient grandmother and a older, extrovert of a cousin, that’s who.


#12 – The Hood

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Adolescence sucks.

Anyone who is either going through it or is already, thankfully, done with it can confirm this for you if for some reason you weren’t aware of this.

Your body changes and contorts in ways that make you feel like you’re wearing someone else’s skin. Everything you know about the World becomes either a lie or a joke as authority loses complete grasp of you and your basic instinct becomes lashing out at everything and everyone.

And nothing proves the real seriousness of everything that we go through than the fact that many people don’t even manage to survive their adolescent years. They either give up, becoming completely stagnant, never making into adulthood or they are so irreparably damaged by the experience that it’s like their old self died and from it someone completely new was born.

And then there are those that do literally die.

Adolescence sucks.

And this only worth repeating because, for the most part, Graham Ellis could not give a fuck about adolescence. He is way too worried about everything else going on in his life right now to ever acknowledge the million existential crises, social rituals and high school drama he’s got in the back burner right now.

So, if we take into account everything we’ve previously discussed about adolescence so far, the only logical assumption is that Graham Ellis must be deep into some serious shit.

Graham is barely 15 and lives in the middle of nowhere, Nebraska. He lives with his mother ever since the divorce but he sees his father almost every day on account of his being a teacher at his school.

He’s not “cool” enough or whatever to ever be acknowledged by his school’s it crowd, yet he’s safely above band geek/math freak level. Some girls even find him “cute” or whatever. He’s not an honor student but his grades are nothing to be ashamed of either and he used to have no real prospects about his future or what he wanted to do with his life.

This all very rapidly changed on his first day of school, when Graham accidentally got caught in the way of an oncoming train and got himself run over. Miraculously enough thought, at the moment of impact, Graham was somehow able to derail the train with his bare hands. He got both arms pulverized in the process, but it saved his life. It also got about fifteen people killed in the process. He also managed to save around fifty people too. This with the help of the arms that healed themselves minutes after being turned to mush.

In just those fast and brutal fifteen minutes, Graham Ellis became many things.

A hero. A killer. A menace. A freak.

But it all boiled down to two things: He was now a super-human and a wanted man. The statements from the crash survivors managed to slowly climb all the way through the bureaucratic ladder until they reached the desk of the offices of P.E.A.C.E.’s homeland security division director, Victor Grieco. Upon hearing the news Grieco became obsessed with this new super-human popping out. He has taken a team of P.E.A.C.E. analysts and operatives and is searching day and night for this “kid in the hoodie”, every new sighting putting him a step closer from catching poor Graham, who is yet to be even aware of his presence.

No, Graham already has enough dealing with his guilt over the deaths he caused when he first manifested his powers, the fact that the entire county has an APB on him, that his mother, his father, his friends and neighbors all talk about him as if he was a monster and a danger to his face, without any care of how confused he is. And most of all, Graham is now deeply afraid of himself. Afraid of what his body can do. He knows he’s strong. He knows he can heal really fast. But, what else can he do? How does he do it? Is it something hereditary or just happenstance? Are his parents hiding something from him?

The more Graham Ellis thinks about all this things, the more he simply looks for ways to just lose himself, get away from his head, and forget the life he is living even for a moment.

Because adolescence may suck, but being an out of control super-human is even worst.

Here’s hoping poor Graham can make it out of this alive.

#13 “Plu”

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(eh shabby scan)

The once king Reaper of the the Pass (pretty much a whole world committed to regulating the paths of souls and whatnot) ended up abdicating the throne, by pretty much just leaving without looking back, and ended up in the mortal world. He also wears also wears a top hat now. Top hats are cool.

(ff late upload.)


#14 – Jim Speedwell – Stuntman

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Hot off the drawing table — Here’s Jim Speedwell-STUNTMAN! I have a love for old 60’s & 70’s action movies like ‘Smokey & The Bandit’, ‘Hooper’, ‘Bullitt’, etc. when the stunts and crazyass driving were all very real, not CGI B.S.! The don’t make them like that anymore, so Jimmy here is my little tribute to that era. Think equal parts Burt Reynolds, Steve McQueen, Kurt Russell, Kirk Douglas, Clint Eastwood, Jeff Bridges and maybe a little John Wayne, too. I think he’s still a character that could be very cool and solid with the right storyline behind him. Enjoy!

#14 Racoon Frank

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#14 – Elauna of Eld

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Elauna is the daughter of a tiefling albino conjurer and a night- adept murderess- one part fiend, one part shadow, and one part elf. Her heritage and inclinations have made her extremely cautious, and her summoned moon snake is partly ethereal, and can sense on a supernatural level, keeping her aware of both magical and mundane approach.

She wishes to find her father. And when she finds out that he has been destroyed, she will continue his proud traditions- genocidal purging and conjuring beings said to once roam the world naturally, but are seen as abominations now by humanity. All fueled by her inherited sense of vengeance and zeal.

#14 – Daphne Delmeyer

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Daphne is not someone you want to cross. The middle-aged woman is cursed in a state of perpetual wrathful anger. Whenever she is enraged at something, she’s consumed with it, and she will not rest until the thing is destroyed – whether it’s a thing, a person, or something even more complex. The longer it takes her to destroy it, the more terrible and wild her emotions become. When said object of her rage is defeated, she must find something new to focus her rage on, or else she has a complete mental breakdown. The only thing that she can’t get enraged at (though she’s tried many times) is her own anger, and trust me, she hates her anger about as much as whatever she’s targeting. She’s doomed to this endless cycle for the rest of her life.

Nobody is quite sure if Daphne is legitimately cursed… or if she has a severe mental problem. She’s definitely made claims about witches in the past, though. Rumor has it that the witch who cursed her was the first thing she destroyed.

Nowadays, Daphne tries to control the cycle as best as she can. She serves as sort of a mix between assassin, secret agent, and diplomat… as confusing as it sounds. She tries her best to align her rage towards the true injustices of the world… but she’s only human. Sooner or later, she’s going to target something – or someone – she never meant to.

#13 and #14 – Teris and Rakha

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#14- Alencia Caprice

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Alencia was trained as a soldier. She was raised in one of the more distant duchys and was given far more free reign by nobel parents than most future duchesses would be allowed. Subsequently she became quite the military commander, which was why she was called to the kingdom’s capital after the war with the barbarians to the east. Getting her into proper attire is a challenge and she refuses to give up her boots. She may also have several dozen knives on her person. The prince seems quite enchanted with the warrior duchess and it is with his insistance she remains, despite her own misgivings. “It could be worse I could be royalty.”  The prince may differ in opinion.

#14 Arthur Weathersford

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#14 Arthur Weathersford

#14 – Aleda Liddle

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Aleda is a young feline shape-shifter (a were-cat).  She is the youngest daughter of a long and illustrious line of American Short-Hair Shifters, specifically the Liddle branch, which settled in the area long before other pioneers came to Michigan.  She’s only seven years old when she runs away from home during a bitter family feud over the theft and inheritance rights of a powerful heirloom, in order to escape the stress of the situation.  She discovers the world is a harsh and strange place, having only known the security of a small sheltered shape-shifting community on the remote shores of Lake Michigan.

She is desperate to get home and in her search she meets Matilda Madison who not only helps her find her way home, but also solves the mystery of who took the heirloom and who it really belongs to.  After that she and Matilda become best friends, despite the six-year age difference.  Aleda helps Matilda navigate through the world of magic that’s hidden in plain sight all around.

Aleda, or Ally as she’s known to her friends, is small, even for her age, but she is very brave and loyal.  She is endlessly curious and is always asking questions and trying new things that are sometimes dangerous, but luckily her friends tend to save her from herself.  She can be both impulsive and impetuous.  Even in her human form she tends to hiss and growl when she gets angry, and if she’s angry or scared her hair puffs up like a cat’s tail does. Also in human form she is very agile and dexterous, able to jump, climb, and contort like a cat.  She also likes shiny things and always wears the black necklace/collar her mother gave after she ran away and came home again.

Day 14: The List Master

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No one knows quite how old The List Master is, but it’s rumored he is as old as lists themselves, and will not die until the last list is finished. He keeps a number of pens and pencils in his hat at all times, and keeps track of all the lists in the world, and what is on them, from grocery lists to guest lists.


#13 – Kaydi Kariff

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Kaydi is one of the Four Seasons – Autumn – and lives in Vermont, working as a substitute teacher whenever she has the time.  She loves teaching elementary school children about history and English, math and science –and especially about nature.

There are fifty Seasons across the world – 12 of each on each continent except the North and South poles where a Winter Queen rules each one.  They have control of the weather during their season and are generally responsible for making sure the change occurs and helping all the animals, plants, and people get ready for the next season (all in an omniscient way of course).  They all gather together once every four years on February 29.

It’s during this reunion one year that some of the Seasons don’t show up.  They discover that someone is kidnapping Seasons and taking away their powers in order to have dominion over North America. Kaydi, along with three seasons goes to find help and eventually Kaydi ends up kidnapped as well.  She manages to pass her powers to another before she is grabbed and ends up becoming a full time teacher in her beloved small town in Vermont and is actually quite happy to no longer have the responsibility of a Season.

#12 – Shemyava

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Shemyava is the wife of Adar, the leader of the Woodland Zvarocan Tribe.  They have spent their lives wandering through the forests of Liliya, and entertaining in various towns to earn any money they need.  They are famous carpenters and herbalists as well as musicians and dancers.

She is as wise and brave as she is beautiful and she is nurturing and compassionate, taking care of strangers as she would her family and friends.  She and Adar have two daughters – Telana and Melantha – and they are her pride and joy.  One day while wandering through woods near the Grand Palace they encountered a group of bandits attacking a young girl.  The tribe attacked the bandits and Shemyava swept into the fray and rescued the little girl then sent the girl with her own to daughters to run and hide until it was safe to come out.

Unfortunately the tribe was slaughtered by the bandits – killing most in the process though, and in the end only two bandits were left alive and they were captured and killed by the royal guards of Liliya.  The girl turned out to be the princess of Liliya and the Queen took Shemyava’s daughters into her care and protection and the sisters became best friends with the princess.  Shemyava and the others gave their lives to save them.


#11 – Vaulomia

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Vaulomia is the daughter of Veauca and Lonauis and has royal blood from both sides of her family.  However her mother is a dragon and her father is a fairy so both their families kicked them out for mating with each other.  Vaulomia – or Mia as most people call her – is the only dragon-fairy hybrid in existence.

Her mother died within days of giving birth to her, leaving her father to raise her on his own.  There are many out there who want to harm her – dragons and fairies who see her as an abomination that needs to be destroyed, or sorcerers and others who seek to gain her unique powers by draining and drinking her blood.  Her father protects her with the help of Belatee, the Goddess of Fate, who took in her parents when they had nowhere to go and now gives Mia and her father sanctuary.

Mia grew up in Belatee’s palace, but she was sometimes picked on by visitors.  So Belatee had a mini-mansion built on sacred land for them that requires a password to enter, and personally selected three companions to serve and teach Mia as she grows up.

Belatee insists on protecting her because Mia is one day going to save both her parents’ species when the dragons wake and the magic world goes to war with the science of mortal who are trying to rid the world of magic. Mia and other mixed race creatures similar to her (including Erion) will unite the First Race and make peace possible.  Mia has a very important role to play and must be protected for that reason alone.

Unlike both her parents she cannot shift form.  She was born a human and can only take human form – however she can change her size from gigantic to tiny, and can sprout either dragon wings or fairy wings depending on what size she is at the time.  She is very sweet and gentle, and loves to learn new things.  She’s curious and intelligent and although its rare that she gets mad, when she does she breaths fire – literally.  She also glows when she gets scared.


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#14 – Tal

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My brother is writing an epic story and sent some character descriptions my way so I thought I would give them a shot 🙂

Here is the first one he sent me:

Name: Talvaren’das’ren (A.k.a) Tal

Race: Othep

The Othep draw a likeness to Native American cultures in skin tone and profile. Their key trait is that they can change the alchemical property of any object. For example a piece of iron can be turned into a sword, sort of like full metal alchemist. They also carry tattoos that symbolize the tribe they are from.


  • Dark skin(Native American descent)
  • muscular build
  • tattoos covering most of body, with a unique symbol on his chest symbolizing the God of Death.
  • Black hair, about chin length enter
  • heavy chains wrapped around both his forearms
  • wears loose black pants
  • leather boots
  • long black cloak


  • was once a member of the infamous death squads(ruthless mercenary assassins feared throughout the land)
  • tried to leave the death squad and now his partners are hunting him down.
  • protects a young mage by the name of Palnar
  • has a strong sense of honor and protecting others yet there is no fury greater than his


Hope he likes it 🙂 Tumblr:

#13 (and maybe #14) – Robinson and Tilly

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I am going to be busy tomorrow so this MIGHT count for two. Not sure…

I went back in and colored it.